Today the NY Times says the Senate is moving away from Trump by feathering their own nests avoid the stigma of being associated with the most destructive president ever. Destructive is an adjective that refers to both past, present and future. trump has destroyed many things already, including tolerance, democracy, and helpfulness, the foundation of ethics.

For a con artist, Trump has done little to inspire confidence. A list of specifics was deftly provided yesterday in a cogent NY Times editorial. Here it is.

The guide is a linked list of almost everything Trump has said or done that the GOP should own responsibility for helping promulgate.

The Democrats will be woefully remiss if they do not take this list and so tie it to the GOP that the connection is damning and explicit. The only way to break the spell is by saying that the President has crossed a line and insist on a special prosecutor to define just what that line is.

More specifically

Beyond the inexhaustible list of Trump transgressions noted above, there is the habit the NY Times has of taking away with one hand what it offers in another. To read the following story you would think the editorial above was just a screed, not a severe indictment.

Breaking away means rejecting completely

The GOP cannot have it both ways. Trump has done and does damage with every stroke of his pen. Science is rejected. Millions are put at risk of a health catastrophe.

Illegals who have been here forever, tolerated and valued, are thrust into the terror that Trump urges his enforcers to perform. The GOP will certainly reject Trump's ill-considered excuse for legislation, but they need to go the extra mile and reject the author.


The GOP Senators profess a lot less fear of Trump as he seems to weaken.

They are said not to like him. Does this mean that they get a pass when confronted with the fact that they nominated him, clapped at his Inaugural and approved such indicative signs of alt-right sentiment as allowing the Gorsuch nomination using the nuclear option? Are they really inclined to believe that their prospects for re-election are safe if they merely ply their own course? Ironically, the answer is yes.


The GOP, not Trump alone, is the author of our misfortunes. Trump is merely the execrable messenger of doom whose actions serve to aid and abet a general destruction of the government of which the GOP approves. The only sign of hope would be that a few of the GOP senators would have the fortitude to get Trump out of office. That will halt some damage. The rest awaits the verdict of the people in successive future elections.