Twitter and Facebook are lighting up with what seems to be more than a meme, more a Waterloo -- when Emperor Napoleon finally fell. trump is no Napoleon but he may fall as a result of the Comey matter which should most likely end up as Comeygate. The reason is found in a tweet from Morning Joe @JoeNBC wich is embedded below.

Who will Trump appoint to succeed Comey?

Here is the tweet that is being heard around the world.

A call for severance

Scarborough is a conservative former GOP congressman who is now known as Morning Joe, a fixture on the show "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

Though he has been critical of Trump he has mostly accepted things that make opponents cringe. But now, to look at his Twitter feed is to find an unbroken series of tweets that suggest one thing: Trump is the GOP's huge mistake. Scarborough has put the Comey issue front and center and made what happens now the occasion for a moment of truth.

What will truth look like?

Trump will argue that truth is on his side, that his decision was pure and clean, that he has no qualms and would do it again and again. Trump is always true. Trump is never wrong. Opposed to this is the presumption that Trump's enraged act of firing Comey was over Russia. It was an effort to close the final door to any objective investigation of what did or did not take place leading up to his election as president.

Why let the GOP off?

Why should the GOP which has supported Trump through thick and thin not support his appointment of a crony or loyalist as FBI director? These politicians will be looking at the polls and at the word from the hinterlands where Trump's base reacts to the same news as his opponents see. It is an open question whether the GOP needs to distance itself, at last, from the president or not.

Morning Joe is saying that those who do not jump ship will be the real losers when all is said and done.

Cumulative pressure

It can be argued that no one thing will precipitate Trump's departure, but that a cumulative flood of valid concerns may do the trick. In addition to Morning Joe, we have this from Mr. Clapper, who can hardly be called a partisan observer.

The status quo

Clapper is not saying that Trump colluded, but he is emphatically disagreeing that Trump's actions are justified or that the investigation underway is a witch hunt. He told CNN: “The bottom line is, I don’t know if there was collusion, and I don’t know of any evidence to it, I can’t refute it, and I can’t confirm it.” Trump claimed Clapper exonerated him. If he appoints a crony as the successor to Comey before he goes on his foreign trip Trump may not want to come home.