Immediately after Donald Trump won the election in November, some Americans began chanting "Impeach." Shortly after his inauguration, cries of "Impeach," "Treason," and "Not my president" resounded across the land. Professor Allan Lichtman, who predicted that The Donald would be our 45th president, has also indicated his belief that Donald Trump will be impeached. He is not the only one, as bookies are now placing bets because they believe the odds are in their favor, that The Donald will be forced to vacate the Oval Office.

The first 100 days

President Trump has now completed his first 3 months in office.

Many voiced their opinion, and some their desire that he would not make it, but he has. it has been an interesting time in U.S. history, with a number of Americans giving the president a failing grade in terms of his performance during these initial 100 days.

Even so, a poll mentioned on CNN on Friday, April 28th, indicated that 90% of Trump voters say they would vote for him again. According to veteran news anchor Dan Rather, Donald Trump has endured the worst start of any president in recent U.S. history. Celebrities continue to speak against the president, while a growing number of Americans wish he would stop using Twitter as a bully pulpit.

The next phase

During this next chapter in the presidency of Donald Trump, there is much looming on the landscape that makes the 45th president look as if he is not very presidential, but is it enough to impeach?

When he called for the MOAB to be dropped in Syria, it was noted that he did so without consent of the UN or congress. Some said this was an impeachable offense, but nothing came of it.

When the president said that his predecessor Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, some Americans believed this would get him out of office.

After all, a sitting Commander-in-Chief had accused a former president of a federal crime. And no evidence had been brought forth to prove his claims. This issue, like so many, simply went away, without formally being dealt with. There is one situation looming on the horizon that seems to have staying power. One that if enough evidence is produced, would indeed cause Donald Trump to be removed from office.

Russia may cause the president to be impeached

The Russian collusion is one issue that has not yet been proven, but continues to be a hot topic. Trump associates have ties to Russia, but nothing yet indicates guilt for the president himself. There are many dots out there, but so far none of them has connected in such a way as to implicate the president. Be that as it may, Donald Trump continues to display erratic, very un-presidential behavior. He even blamed the Russia collusion on Barack Obama during an interview with Fox News.

Some experts have indicated that president Trump is not mentally competent, and cannot handle the pressures of the job. Considering this, if evidence regarding his connection to Russia does not get him impeached, the continued investigation, and Russia not going away just might.