Donald Trump was the underdog in the last presidential election. He almost pulled a rabbit out of the hat when he defeated the favorite Hillary Clinton and became president of the USA. Trump's ascendancy to the presidency has not been smooth and many scandals have surfaced. Notably, allegations of collusion with the Russians are doing the rounds. There are also some people who are talking about dark secrets. The bookies are betting that Donald will not complete his term as the US President. The only way this can happen is in case he is Impeached. This may look improbable to many people but the very fact that the bookies are betting on Donald completing his term is a pointer.

It is worth noting that no such betting took place when Obama became the President of the US.

Donald is on risky ground. One man who had forecast the victory of Donald Trump, Professor Allan Lichtman has given another forecast. One will recollect that the professor forecast a Donald victory which went against the grain of the opinion polls and knowledgeable political analysts. The same man has now forecast that Donald will not complete his term and he will be removed, maybe because of financial irregularities. The odds against Donald completing his term first term are high and this is disturbing news

Risky ground

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. To date, only two presidents have been impeached.

The last was Richard Nixon four decades back. This shows the strength of the American political system which can even remove the topmost executive of the government. Donald is on risky ground and one can't be sure what will happen in the future

Congressional investigation

There is a Congressional investigation against Trump over the Russian connection.

There are also allegations of financial impropriety. Perhaps there is more than a grain of truth that the Russians tried to swing the election in favor of Donald Trump. That could be one reason he is being hard on them, obviously with an intent to cover his tracks and show that he is not a Russian stooge.

Last word

Bill Clinton came close to being impeached on Grounds of sexual misconduct but he got out of it.

This shows that in the USA the president has to maintain the highest standards of ethics, morality and conduct. this is not so in many nations and for that reason, I would say America is a true democracy. Donald Trump may or may not be impeached but the bookies are betting on him and that is a disturbing sign