According to a Yale University psychiatrist panel, President Donald Trump isn't fit to hold office and could have an undiagnosed dangerous Mental illness. The experts stated they felt it was their duty to warn the public of the dangers of a Trump presidency.

Is Trump mentally ill?

According to Independent, the Mental health panel said that Trump is paranoid and delusional and they felt they had an ethical responsibility to warn Americans of his unhealthy behavior.

This isn't the first time Trump's mental status came into question.

During his 2016 campaign trail, experts warned that the then GOP candidate wasn't fit to hold public office and worried that he would make irrational decisions, possibly putting the whole country at risk.

These reports didn't impact his followers at all. If anything, it strengthened their bond to Trump and solidified his "Make America Great Again" revolution.

The proof

Dr. Gartner spoke at the press conference and said that the first red alert to Trump's mental instability was when he claimed that his inauguration drew a larger crowd that President Obama. He continued by stating that it was a signal that the president is not only a liar and a narcissist, he's paranoid, delusional and believes he is something great.

It was the doctor's opinion that he is a danger to the country.

Another doctor, Bandy Lee claims that Trump's mental health status is the elephant in the room and that many Americans have started to pick up the clues that he isn't well.

Dr.James Gilligan added that he's worked with some of the most dangerous people in this country from the prisons and criminally insane institution so he can spot the warning signs of mental illness.

He went on to say that Trump has "all the signs."

The petition to remove the president from office

In January, Dr. Gartner started an online petition that called for Trump's impeachment. The doctor alleged that Trump is not psychologically capable of completing the duties of a president. His petition has over 50,000 signatures.

The petition states that Dr. Gartner believes that he has a duty to not only warn the United States about the dangers of Trump but the whole world. He thinks that the only way to stay safe from danger is to impeach the president and remove him from office.

Goldwater rule

The mental health panel may have violated the American Psychiatric Association's Goldwater rule, which states that no doctor can give a professional diagnosis on a patient they have not personally examined.

The Republican have also tried to discredit the mental health panel's warning, too. Several have said that they are just "mad about the election results" and are using their position as mental health experts to discredit President Trump.

The doctors felt that they had to speak up because there is too much at stake with over three years left in Trump's presidential term.

The Republicans continue to believe that the reason the mental health panel made such a dire warning about Trump is to try to discredit him and his administration. Of course, the experts deny that accusation, stating they felt a moral and ethical obligation to warn the American people about Trump's mental status and the dangers of his presidency.

The Republicans said they support Trump's presidency and do not believe the "fake mental status report" from the panel.

They accused the doctors of having a hidden agenda by attacking Trump.

Do you believe the mental health experts opinion about Trump's ability to run this country? Do you think he should be removed from office? Do you believe the petition will help get the president impeached?