As Donald Trump's presidency reaches the crucial 100-day mark, Melania and Barron Trump are packing their bags. According to TMZ's NYPD sources, Melania and her son will be moving out of their New York City home located in the penthouse at Trump Tower and into the White House by June. White House official statements and a spokesperson for the President's security detail, confirm TMZ's reports. Accordingly, the penthouse that the Trump's called home will be left vacant. Trump Tower is the nerve center for The Trump Organization, a privately owned international company, located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Nonetheless, Trump Tower will remain swarming with both a heavy police and Secret Service presence. Why? A spoke-person for White House security did not want to explain or provide specific details, TMZ reports. What they would say is that the amount of security is "adequate." It ought to be as it costs a hundred-thousand a day. Moreover, this amount will triple if the President should decide to visit his New York City home, according to stories published by both TMZ and Poitico

A hefty price tag for tax payers

Barricades outside Trump Tower with around-the-clock police presence will keep the situation safe, just in case protestors get of hand White House security stated to TMZ. The fact is, the President has not visited New York City nor his penthouse home since he won the Presidency.

Instead the President appears to prefer his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida. Each visit the President makes to his Palm Beach home costs tax-payers around three-million-dollars, according to Matthew Nussbaum a White House reporter with Politico .

What does this mean for Trump? Americans may start to ask; how much longer can we allow our President to get away with doing the very things he criticized President Obama for doing?

The question going forward Americans may want to consider is this one. Keeping a possibly homesick President Trump happy may end up costing a substantially greater amount than the security for President Obama ever cost. Why?

For a start, Trump has a much larger profile and even though his appeal may be great among many, his critics are loud, angry, and they want to be heard.

Therefore, his security must be managed by professional government security teams.

Trump explains, 'I thought it would be easier'

Many point-out this explanation is ironic for the simple reason that Candidate Trump, often and with great rancour, criticized then President Obama for visiting Hawaii, his childhood home. Here is where Melania may offer her husband some much needed comfort. As the Trump Presidency reaches its 100-day milestone this Saturday, Trump appears homesick and reflective. In a conversation today with the News Agency Reuters, Trump contemplates about his old life. He states, "I loved my previous life—I loved my previous life…this is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier…But I do miss my old life."

Maybe this insight and awareness along with being united under the same roof with his wife and son will turn the tide.

Plus, add in the acknowledgement Trump seems to be coming to terms with, that perhaps he bit off a bit more than he could chew. All may mingle, fuse, amalgamate then possibly lead to a less arrogant and more statesman-like politician.

If so what will this mean? Could this cause some of Trump's detractors to embrace him? Imagine a courageous Trump admitting with humility, sincerity, and grace that just maybe he was wrong: a heroic President, who reaches across the wide divide he in large measure created; and instead of hurling blame, admits where he went wrong. Then asks for help. Imagine!