Blasting News has written about the threat that both the Trump administration and the Secretary of State pose to the State Department. The Department is what represents the policies of the administration to the world and the nation and in the purvue of transparency. But with Trump and his administration's hate for the press, they have no wish to be as transparent about anything they do to anyone, much less the American people.

Blatant conflicts of interest

To add, Trump has been under daily scrutiny for not revealing his tax returns and using the power of his office to still be able to profit from his businesses, which appears to be a frequent habit not only with Trump but his aides as well.

As an example, his Secretary of Education has recently done away with certain regulations that would restrict student loan services from putting increased interest rates on delinquent borrowers. She has been shown to owns one of those businesses and so now she is able to proft from her own deregulation. There are also lawsuits against Trump for violating the Constitution's emoluments clause which says that he cannot profit from the office, but even Trump himself has said that those rules do not apply to him while claiming at the same time he would divest from his Trump brand hotels and businesses, only to hand them over to his sons.

Blasting News also reported on the President's Secret Service submitting a budget proposal to the Office of Management and Budget, requesting more money to not only protect President Trump at the White House but at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and very soon at another location in New Jersey for the Summer.

But the increase in budget doesn't just apply to Trump, it applies to Secret Sevice protection for Melania Trump at the Trump Tower in New York and for his sons even as they travel around the world handling his real estate projects. At the time of the report, the office was said to have rejected the proposal but they also said they had already approved it.

It should be noted that the office is run by Mick Mulvaney who is currently involved with trying to force Congress to submit to the President's budget proposals because "elections have consequences."

Just to add, the Secret Service's proposal request also includes that they have to stay in Trump Tower so when they pay for the accommodations, the money goes back to the Trump brand.

But, since he's been president, Senior Counselor, and White House Chief Strategist Kellyanne Conway has promoted Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom's clothing line and was called out by the Ethics Office after some of those products were promoted on the White House website. And there has also been an increase in the construction of Trump brand real estate projects worldwide. It should be noted that almost all of Trump's picks for cabinet positions have been under scrutiny for varied Conflicts Of Interest which look even more suspicious to a hardened skeptic.

State Department's tour guide to Mar-a-Lago

President Trump has hosted foreign diplomats at the Mar-a-Lago resort and has even planned attacks from it as if it were the White House War Room.

In fact, he's referred to Mar-a-Lago as the winter White House and very recently, so has the State Department. His consistent promotion of the Mar-a-Lago resort is no doubt the point to conducting "presidential business" there as its been reported that Mar-a-Lago's rates have actually increased so that those who want to see the President can do so for a price. In a bold move, the State Department website was even promoting the Mar-a-Lago resort by sharing an article where it described the place much like something out of a tour guide before they were forced to take it down.

The backlash came from a watchdog group and initially built enough momentum to force them to remove it. While the State Department claims they only used the article to describe the place where President Trump has hosted foreign statesmen, it makes two things clear; one is that the State Department has been compromised entirely by the Trump administration, which Blasting News reported on in an article about his budget proposal to financially weaken it, and it also shows the most obvious; that President Trump and his aides will continue to use their positions for profit.