It's no secret that Talk Show Host Wendy William wears wigs. She talks about them often on her program. Almost daily she asks the audience if they like the wig she is wearing. She flips her artificial hair a lot. And many times gives credit to her stylist for providing her with the look of the day. And she always looks very nice.

Wendy told Dr. Oz that she wears wigs, because she has a thyroid problem that causes her hair to thin. And there is nothing wrong with that. The question is however, why does Wendy Williams ask her guests if they are wearing a wig or extensions, and why must she tell her audience, when she believes another celebrity is wearing a hairpiece, wig or toupee?

Outing Elton John

Numerous times this season, Wendy will point to pictures of celebrities and tell her viewing audience that their wig or weave looks really nice. On Friday's episode, Wendy was discussing Elton John having two young children and going on tour at age 70. As she spoke, an image of Elton John came on the screen. Wendy made a point to tell the audience that the celebrity was wearing a wig. There really was no reason to point this out, except to let the viewers know that she is not the only celebrity who is not wearing her own hair.

Jenna Elman

"Imaginary Mary" star Jenna Elfman was also a guest on Friday's "Wendy show" After she has done with other guests, Wendy asked Elfman if she ever used extensions.

Her guest seemed taken aback by the question. She answered a reluctant yes, and added,"If the role calls for it." You could tell this was not a subject that Jenna Elfman wanted to talk about. Not everyone who is not using their own hair wants the world to know. Perhaps Elton John did not desire attention called to what was on top of his head.

Don't ask don't tell

Young women wear wigs, weave, and extensions as part of the culture. It's a normal way of life for them. And they are proud of it. Wendy Williams came of age at a time when African American women used heat to straighten the hair, wore a natural, (afro) and in later years used chemical relaxers. It was rare to see black women of a certain age wearing wigs during that period.

So perhaps in spite of what she says, she is somewhat sensitive regarding the matter.

For most older adults, a wig is a personal decision. And if they don't tell you, it's impolite to ask. Wendy Williams pointing out that other celebrities are not using their natural hair comes across as her trying to prove that she is not the only. It's not the talk show host's job, however, to expose the secrets of others. If they desire the world to know, they can tell us, or volunteer the information on her show, the same way Wendy does regarding what's on her head. It's not good form to out other people, to validate your own personal choices.