President Trump's Twitter tirades are catching on. Yesterday, (Saturday) Billionaire Mark Cuban did a series of Tweets explaining his theory of why The Donald did not initiate the Russian Collusion. Cuban believes Trump is not savvy enough to have done the deed. Cuban says the president is not "Detail oriented, organized or big picture" enough to have pulled it off. Cuban blames the Russians.

Cuban's theory

The billionaire believes Donald Trump was thinking more like a businessman, than a politician. He says the Russians made The Donald a lot of money.

And Putin took advantage of Mr. Trump's greed by setting a series of events in place. He also believes the president ignored ties that Paul Man fort and other top campaign advisers had to the Kremlin. He says that as more people influenced by Russia came into the Trump camp, the POTUS was clueless.

Is there merit to the theory

Is there merit to this theory that has been presented by the Dallas Maverick's owner? It certainly sounds plausible. One has to wonder, however, if it is just another spin. Could it be that President Trump is feeling the heat? Perhaps he knows it's only a matter of time before his role in the Russian collusion is verified by fact. Donald Trump is a master of manipulation and spinning things so that he comes out on top.

He may have orchestrated this situation, and had Mr. Cuban plant it in his tweets. This could simply be a way of garnering sympathy for the president. And when the truth comes out, the American people will be less shocked.

The 'Left Behind' analogy

This situation with Cuban and Trump causes me to reflect upon the movie "Left Behind." There is a scene where the Nicolae Carpathia, AKA the Anti-Christ is in a meeting in a boardroom.

He picks up a gun and shoots two men in cold blood. There are at least eight or 10 witnesses to the murder. Carpathia immediately begins to spin the situation. He says how sad it was to watch the one man shoot his friend, then turn the gun on himself. One by one, every person in the room, except for one, begins nodding in agreement, then telling each other how sad it was to watch the murder-suicide.

These men and women had witnessed the cold blooded murder, of two innocent men. They saw it for themselves but began to say that which they were programmed to say. Only one man, the character played by Kirk Cameron was able to keep his head clear. This was because he had the Spirit of God in him. So let us keep an open mind regarding the role of our POTUS and Russian collusion. Mark Cuban could be correct, that Donald Trump was sucked into the situation unwittingly. Or they could be spinning a yarn, just like in "Left Behind."