One of the weirdest controversies to arise in Washington recently stemmed from the revelation that Vice President Mike Pence will not dine in public with a woman other than his wife or attend an event where alcohol is served without the company of Ms. Pence. The report prompted yelps of outrage on the left, some calling it tantamount to sharia law. Others, of a more sober persuasion, pointed out that the arrangement is simple prudence in a political culture that promotes scandal at the least provocation.

The fake controversy also highlighted the reaction on the left to other marriages which have, by any definition, not been the most loving and stable.

The classic example has been the Clintons. Former President Bill Clinton has a well established reputation for sleeping with any woman whom he gets his hands on, occasionally whether she is willing or not. His defenders claim that the flagrant adultery is a matter between Bill and his wife Hillary and should not be a matter of public comment, even if it leads to perjury and obstruction of justice.

Then, turning the dial up on the creep meter, we consider the marriage of Anthony Weiner and Hillary buddy Huma Abedin. Weiner has a problem unique to the modern age in that he likes to send pictures of his naked body to random women with his smart phone. Abedin had contemplated divorce, but is currently working to save the marriage, rumor has it on orders from the Clintons.

Thus, the Pence kerfuffle illustrates some of the conceptions of marriage by some on the left. Adultery and far worse are charming foibles, not doubt to be quietly handled by lawyers if they get out of hand. Not dining alone with another woman is the same as making one’s wife wear a burka. That is how insane things have become.

Pence, for his part, is dealing with the matter with good humor, At a recent event in Columbus, Ohio, Pence quipped, "Speaking of my wife Karen, she's really sorry she couldn't be with us today, she already had dinner plans.” Thus the Vice President neatly punctured the self-righteousness of his enemies.