Ever since the election of Donald Trump, there have been almost daily reports linking him and his administration to Russia. As the president continues to deny any wrongdoing, one of his former associates is still feeling the heat.

Flynn busted

Dating back to the early stages of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was forced to push back against allegations that he had a relationship with Russia. However, with Trump refusing to release his tax returns, critics wondered what the former host of "The Apprentice" was hiding in his financial history.

As time went on, members of his campaign, and later administration, were found to have been contact with high-ranking Kremlin officials. One Trump associate that has come under fire has been retired Gen. Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign as National Security Adviser just weeks after starting the job when it was uncovered that he had spoke to a Russian officials only weeks after the election. As reported by the New York Times on April 1, Flynn has even more explaining to do.

According to the New York Times on Saturday night, Michael Flynn failed to disclose payments he received from Russia to the United States government.

"The Russia-linked payments were detailed in a letter released in March by congressional investigators, and included a $45,000 speaking fee from RT," the New York Times explains. Flynn reportedly gave a speech in Moscow back in 2015, while also attending a Russian state dinner where he shared a table with President Vladimir Putin.

The information became public on Saturday when the Trump administration released two financial disclosure forms.

Twitter back

As expected, the news about Michael Flynn didn't go over well with many social media uses.

"Looks like Flynn initially left Russia-related income off his financial disclosures," actor George Takei tweeted out, before adding, "Nothing suspicious about that at all, right?"

"Hey Mike Flynn if you think Hillary's a bitch try Karma," Bill Maher wrote on Twitter. "Tax evasion? Treason. Colluding with a foreign power to harm our democracy?

He set his price and Russia took it. Trump had to know," another Twitter user wrote. "Flynn up to his eyeballs in Russian ties/pay/unreported income. How many federal laws & rules broken? Trump knew & hired him. Complicit." another tweet read.