Following the election of Donald Trump, the issue over what role Russia played in his campaign has created a cloud of controversy that has hovered over the administration ever since. While Trump has denied any wrongdoing, billionaire owner of the Dallas Maverick, mark cuban, has decided to give his thoughts.

Cuban on Trump

Not long after Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, speculation began in regards to the relationship between the billionaire real estate mogul and Russia. As the months moved forward, Trump pushed back against the reports that linked him to the Kremlin, with the former host of "The Apprentice" labeling any media outlet reporting otherwise as "fake news." With the help of right-wing media outlets like Breitbart, and the conservative hosts on Fox News, Trump had enough support from the press to keep his agenda alive.

In recent weeks, the Russian scandal has only increased, as turmoil surrounds past and current advisers like retired Gen. Michael Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as the questionable behavior of House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes. The reaction has been split down party lines, but noted Trump critic Mark Cuban decided to give his thoughts during a lengthy April 1 Twitter rant.

"Here is my take on Trump and Russia," Mark Cuban said, as he took part in over a dozen tweets explaining his thoughts. "Russians have made him a lot of money buying condos and investing in his buildings...That makes them his friends," Cuban tweeted out, before adding, "He (Donald Trump) ignored their backgrounds.

But that's not unusual. Starbucks takes anyone's money and so do most businesses including mine."

"He spoke favorably about (Vladimir) Putin to get his approval for Russians to get $ out of Russia and into Trump deals.

He saw it as easy money," the co-host of "Shark Tank" continued. Cuban went forward with his thoughts, before also noted that he didn't think Donald Trump led the Russian hack of the DNC. Mark Cuban went on to explain that there was "No chance" that the president led the Russian-backed hacking because of he was not mentally capable of doing so.

Cuban also said he believed that Putin "recognized Trump's greed" and "took advantage" of of his shortcomings to help influence the election results.

Mark Cuban didn't stop there, as the billionaire hit back at Donald Trump for not "understanding" what was going on, accusing the president of "turn(ing) to Fox News" to get his information. While many might disagree, Cuban has made it clear about how he thinks the entire scandal has unraveled.

Moving forward

While it's unknown if Mark Cuban's theory holds any water, many are certain to continue their speculation in regards to the ongoing scandal between Donald Trump and the Russians. Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again dismissed the allegations that he hacked the Democratic National Committee in favor of Trump, despite reports from the FBI and Justice Department showing otherwise. As of press time, Trump is under investigation over what his ties are to the Kremlin, but his supporters and right-wing media allies don't seem to mind either way.