The GOP led Congress passed a measure allowing hunters to slaughter hibernating bears in their dens last week. The measure, which is summarily opposed by the Humane Society of the United States and by the Center for Biological Diversity, even allows cowards to shoot the hibernating bears and their offspring from helicopters, and to trap the beautiful animals in leg traps. The traps snare the animals and cause a slow, agonizing death. The measure was signed into law by clueless President Donald Trump.

Spring time awakening

The measure, which rolls back Obama Administration laws that prohibited such killings by cowardly hunters who are too lazy to partake in the sport of traditional hunting as it has been practiced in the United States for well over a hundred years, was signed into law by President Donald Trump just as the hibernating bears are awakening from their winter slumber to tend to their cubs and to teach them how to hunt and to adapt to their environment.

The measure is seen by environmental groups as barbaric, cruel, cowardly and overtly inhumane. Alaska GOP Senators LIsa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan described the Obama Administration's directive from August of 2016 prohibiting such barbaric and unthinkable killings of bears and their cubs while in the security of their dens, as a "direct attack on states' rights," according to the Huffington Post.

The slaughter of the buffalo

As this observer sees it, this measure rolling back the Obama Administration's ruling via the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, protecting bears from overly anxious, inhumane, and overtly brutal, spineless wannabe "hunters," is akin to the laws of the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that allowed the very same kind of people to shoot buffaloes at point blank range.

Those laws led to the total decimation of the wild buffalo population in the United States. In California, liberal nineteenth-century hunting laws led to the total extinction of the brown bear, which is the Golden State's state bear, only remembered on the state flag. This observer predicts the same fate for the polar bear, the grizzly bear and the black bear in the United States, emanating from the measure that was passed into law and signed by Donald Trump allowing the killing and snaring of hibernating bears and their offspring while still in their dens.

In Australia, citizens are "up in arms" over legislation allowing the helicopter hunting of the brumby, a very beautiful and gracious type of wild horse.


As this observer sees it, this is not hunting at all, just as shooting one's enemy in the back is not a fair duel. This measure is a total affront to the code of the Old West that called anyone who shot their enemy in the back a "total coward" in need of a good hanging.

Helicopter hunting, which was performed by half-term GOP Alaska Governor Sarah Palin while she was engaged in her failed Vice-presidential run in 2008, is conducted by the same kind of spineless cowards, and cut from the same fabric, as those who would shoot their enemies in the back. And President Trump signed into law the most divisive, anti-wildlife bill that this observer has ever seen.

Trump and Congress stoop to 'all time low'

Trump and his GOP Congress, led by Paul Ryan in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate, has descended to an "all-time low" and upheld the rights of "back shooters" who would search your pockets and steal your silver after shooting you. There is no "pretty" way to describe this measure by Trump and his cronies, and any attempt to so describe it would be an insult to all the rapidly disappearing wildlife of the United States.

America, wake up and look at what is happening around you. Your environmental landscape is disappearing before your eyes because of narrow-minded, ignorant, "bought off" and exceedingly anti-environmental Republicans in Congress and the White House who would rather uphold the rights of back-shooters than protect your rights and those of your grandchildren to enjoy beautiful animals for generations to come.