In South Australia, it is not rare to watch the beautiful majestic stride of the free-roaming, wild horses called Brumbies. The Brumby is a feral horse found all over the world but are said to be overpopulating regions of South Australia. Though the Australian government claims these horses are a nuisance and are damaging the environment, they have yet to point out a specific instance of destruction.

The hunt

Due to the government's outlook on the Brumbies and their overpopulation, it is currently legal to kill a Brumby in the wild. Recently pictures have been strewn across the internet showing proud hunters holding up the heads of their kill, a sight difficult to take in.

Opponents to the killing season for the Brumby seem to be being met with a deaf ear from the government as plans to kill nearly 90% of the Brumby population are being made.

A photo has recently gone viral showing "Big John" proudly holding tight to the Brumby he shot with a bow and arrow. If that sight isn't hard enough to comprehend, several days ago another picture surfaced even more devastating than the last. A beautiful Brumby pinto, with a large pregnant belly, is seen dead on the ground next to an unidentified hunter. The shooter is holding a gun that is assumed to the weapon used to kill her.


On top of the inhumane hunting season, Australia is now dealing with poachers as well.

Five Brumbies, including one very pregnant female, were found shot to death and left where they fell. Though it is legal to kill these Animals currently, a license is required for any hunting, and proper disposal of the animal is required. Australian governments are currently investigating the situation and if found, the culprits face hefty fines and possible jail time.

Saving the Brumby

In 2010, the West Australian government proposed capturing, trucking, and sending nearly 5,000 Brumby to slaughter. Outcries from the community and opponents of the hunting season caused the WA government to change their plan from trucking to shooting the animals from helicopters. After even more outpouring of opposition, the government dropped their plans altogether.

Unfortunately, due to the rise in numbers of the Brumby again, the WA government has re-established their plans to terminate 90% of the Brumby population.

Several groups are intervening on a regular basis with the hunting of these beautiful animals. However, the hunting season has not been postponed or canceled despite the opponents cry for the rights of these horses. The Brumby is such an intelligent animal and is known all over the world for its disposition. Capturing, relocating, and retraining the Brumby is the most popular solution that opposition sees to fix this issue. Until the government can come to terms with those against this atrocity, the hunt is still on for the wild Brumby of Australia.