As the springtime season approaches, hibernation for the bears and wolves is over as the animals begin to descend from their dens on a quest to look for food. Mothers seek to feed their cubs and introduce them to a new life after giving birth over the cold winter months. Some local areas across the United States warn residents after hibernation because of bear and wolf sightings to ensure community safety. However, a bill in Alaska is now before Congress that would allow the killing of hibernating bears and wolves despite the opposition from local voters and animal activists.

Proposal by Congress to pass bill endangering bears and wolves

Congress has been diligent in reviving the hunting practices opposed by Fish and Wildlife Services and other animal advocates and lovers. Their proposal is to pass a bill that would allow Alaskan hunters to kill hibernating wolves and bears in their dens, whether the animals were shot from helicopters or using leg traps. The original ruling was a bill in the Obama era but will now go before President Trump to be signed. As stated by Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle, this decision to pass this bill outrages every animal lover nationwide. The bill would allow bears to be chased down by planes or dying in agony in steel-jawed snares or traps.

Entire wolf families, mothers and their young would be killed in the security of their dens.

Environmental groups and animal protection agencies speak out

Residents, and environmental/animal advocates are outraged at this decision that would allow hunters in Alaska on federal wildlife havens to enter the winter dens of hibernating wolf and bear families, and shoot them dead at point-blank range.

They say these hunting practices are barbaric. The director of the Fish and Wildlife Service (Dan Ashe) states that the proposed bill is an attack on federally-managed lands. Along with these concerns, opponents of the new bill say it would eventually allow hunters to kill wolves in national parks and the grizzly bears in Yellowstone.

The Humane Society and other animal activists are asking all animal lovers to stand up for these endangered animals in opposition of this bill by contacting President Donald Trump and his administration, urging him not to let these proposed cruel hunting practices become law.