When people surmise a world war it means they have reached a point of mental confusion that is dangerous. The confusion is made up of awareness that there are things in apparent motion that cannot be stopped. It doesn't matter what they are. The dominant sense is this is too much. At such a point no one has any sense of what the truth of the matter is.

Things are in motion. All of a sudden cards begin to fall. It would be lovely if we could simply blame the confusion on someone or something and eliminate it by eliminating the person or thing. But we can't.

That is how it feels a week before Easter.

Axios says no one knows

The thought is no one knows what happens next. That, of course, is wrong. Many people are are doing things sensing that they are absolutely right. What they do not see is the whole of it.

The whole of it amounts to the massively different reality that we call war. We allow everything to devolve with a feeling of helplessness. We shake our heads in a ritual of regret as the world crumbles. Loss and death bring no catharsis. We tire. It ends. Later we have a Peace Conference to learn how to avoid such disasters in the future.

Let's have the conference now

We need to have the peace conference now before the perfect storm of a war no one wants becomes inevitable.

We need to address things like the end of oil, the control of wealth, the need for basic income, and the transition to a sustainable planet. We need to address the need to transfer the investment we make in war to creating the world where peace is possible.

Humility within mystery

We need to move beyond the assurance of being right that hobbles things big time.

The fact is that much remains a total mystery and we slowly uncover things. The speed of discovery increases incrementally.

A preamble to the stopping and thinking we need to achieve is a common sense of two basic facts. First, we move forward regardless. That is continuity. Second, we are fallible. Nothing we do is certain and everything is bound to change at some point.

We need to have a global conference based on an admission of our need to stop and take stock.

Living in illusion is dangerous

We are at a danger point. Just when we need a pause, we are running pell-mell. I am not talking about events alone. I am talking about our minds. We are on the cusp of movement, of human evolution to a slight moral leap toward reducing violence and achieving a bit more reason. This move can either be filled with disaster or it can be peaceful, penitent and productive.