Emergency Quests (EQ) in "Phantasy Star Online 2" have schedules depending on a player's timeline. Sometimes, a great cup of coffee is good to sip while waiting for the next EQ to happen. These quests are rare and cannot be taken without any item called "trigger." In addition, the greatest thing I would like to say about these quests has to do with the experience points it gives as well as item drops that cannot be found on normal quests. Items range from eggs, meseta (money unit in the game), weapons, or collection file items, which are needed to complete another rare thirteen-star item.

Emergency quests not only gather people from around the world to conquer the boss but also work together to achieve victory. These somehow make these games wonderful because they are friendly. Whenever your character dies from a slash or hit from the enemy, one or more will not hesitate to revive you immediately. Online multiplayer makes things more fun just like other games that focus on these fields.

Talking about these so-called 'Triggers'

Triggers are items that can be bought only with "Star Gems" or obtained as a reward for accomplishment. There are numerous units in "Phantasy Star Online 2" that can be traded with items that help your character grow in the certain field, especially experience points to obtain a class "excube" to reach the level cap.

As of now, the current level cap of characters in the game is on level 80. However, players must obtain two titles to unlock this level cap, depending on their class.

Never forget to party with teammates

Going back to Emergency quests, these quests are always a hot topic but always remember to bring friends because not all can be online on your timeline.

Furthermore, the greatest thing about partying with other players is the boost that your character gets, which is "Tri-boost" that will boost meseta drop rates, rare item drop rates, and experience gain rates -- hence its name.

Sometimes, players forget to obtain sheet items for a specific quest such as Emergency Quests. Don't worry and don't fret because these EQ will happen again on another day or later on.

Although, always remember that these EQ in "Phantasy Star Online 2" will be happening for a month or a couple only, depending on the schedule allotted for them by SEGA. They have their limits, too, and completing collection files immediately will garner good results.

The game can be played on a computer, considering you have the system requirements and agree to the terms and conditions provided. As immersive as the game is, the value of friendship and teamwork are prioritized in the game, not just getting strong. The Japanese sure are amazing when it comes to valuing friendship.