Donald Trump proved yesterday (July 16), during a press conference with Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, that he unequivocally and undeniably is a traitor. When asked about intelligence reports that concluded that the 2016 American presidential election was hacked by the Russians, Trump stated that Putin denies such reports. Trump then stated that "there are two sides" on the question of Russian interference and that Putin was "very strong and powerful" in his denial of Russian election hacking and meddling. Trump called the probe into Russian hacking "a disaster for our country." When asked if he believed that Russia could have been the culprit who interfered with our nation's election process, Trump said that he had no reason to believe that "it would be."

Hopes were dashed

It was hoped that the summit between Trump and Putin would result in greater global security.

If anything, the summit has endangered global security, weakened the American intelligence community, and exposed America and its allies to unforeseen risks and dangers. What Trump apparently did not realize, is that global security depends as much on a "sense of security," as upon a nuclear weapons arsenal. And Trump's dismissal of American intelligence reports proving Russian interference with the US presidential election undermines that sense of security. This, in turn, puts the allies at risk and jeopardizes the balance of power and global security.

Sanders can't blame Obama

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will not be able to blame the president's dismissal of his own intelligence community's findings on Barack Obama this time like she has done in the past. She did not get away with it the first time, and she is not even going to be able to begin to blame Obama now.

This summit was on Trump's watch and there is no way that he can blame anybody but himself for his treasonous performance in Helsinki.

Behind closed doors

To make matters worse is that fact that nobody except for Trump, Putin, and two interpreters know what transpired between the two leaders in their private, "one on one" talk, that lasted two hours.

It is unknown, what, if any, concessions to Putin were made by Trump during the talk. Even more disturbing, is the compelling possibility that Trump could have given away secrets to Putin. This concern is accentuated by the fact that Trump does not value the top-secret intelligence reports that he is receiving. If he does not value the reports, then he most likely will think nothing of revealing the contents of those reports to Putin.

We will never know what was said during the private talk between Trump and Putin; however, we will be affected by that talk for perpetuity. And that is a raw deal for America indeed.

What should have been said

Trump's Helsinki press conference with Putin provided him with an excellent opportunity to admonish Putin for Russia's hacking of the 2016 American presidential election. When asked if he holds Russia accountable for the election interference, Trump should have stepped up to the plate and emphatically stated, "Yes!" Trump should have stated unequivocally that he, as president, will not tolerate any kind of meddling in an American election. And he should have told Putin that he holds him personally accountable for such meddling.

Furthermore, "The Donald" should have told Putin that relations between the two countries will not be stabilized until Russia "comes clean," admits to wrongdoing, and assures him that nothing of this kind will ever happen again.

The Oath of Office

In his treasonous press conference, the president violated his oath of office. He violated the promise to "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Trump refused to stand up for America. He failed to stand up for our country, to admonish a despicable tyrant, or to draw the line in the sand. Instead of standing up to the bully on the corner, Trump flinched at the sight of the bully's fist. And he gave away his milk money for fear of getting a shiner.