A lot of negativity has been hurled towards Kendall Jenner and Pepsi over the commercial where a free can of Pepsi was given to a law enforcer at what seemed to be a rally. The Pepsi ad was labeled as being tone-deaf and attracted the ire of many people on social media.

What's controversial about Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad?

The commercial starts with a rally, a peace rally of some sort. Kendall is seen posing for a photo shoot as the rally marches in front of them. The commercial continues on to various scenes played out by people of different ethnicity and how a can of Pepsi is the solution to all of their problems.

From the perspective of an advertiser, it is a normal thing to market one's own product as a panacea to all of the ills of the world. Don Draper of Mad Men marketed his products to advertising monstrosities, at which people, especially those offended by this Pepsi ad, will definitely frown today. The controversy is simply this, that Kendall Jenner and Pepsi blatantly advertise that their can of Pepsi is the solution to end racism in America.

What is wrong with that kind of advertisement?

Coke's "I want to teach the world to sing" ad, was basically the same thing, but without Kendall in the picture.

So does this make Coca-Cola a narcissistic company that shows outrageous claims to market their product? Since the political correctness attitude has inundated society, Americans have become a mushy conglomeration of highly and easily offended people. Even a video of a glass of milk will be offensive if it is marketed by as white milk by a Caucasian woman.

It is sad to see how a country that promotes freedom of speech would blatantly censor expressions that are not according to political correctness ideology.

People are slowly forgetting the idea of marketing, advertisement and the fact that the ad is not a national geographic documentary but a commercial intended to increase sales.

People, especially in social media are slowly becoming society's non-commissioned officers of censorship and they are slowly dominating almost all facets of life. New media, which includes social media is now a major force in society and it is the last bastions of free speech today, as no country has direct control over any kind of expression shared online.

Pepsi is just doing an advertisement folks, it's not like they're changing the manual on how to properly treat police during rallies. With the increase in technological know-how, people should also improve on their ability to use common sense. With this, the article shows the video of Pepsi's commercial with Kendall Jenner which was recently pulled out by the company, enjoy.