Messages, as Google attests today, are the economic and social fabric of the future. Cybercommunities are an idea that assembles the elements needed to move to a prosperous and sustainable future. Messages may well prove to be the crucial ingredient, the driving force, the difference between falling back and going forward.

And everything else

It was unthinkable twenty years ago that we would have applications that now account for 60 billion messages a day, WhatsApp and Messenger. Even more amazing is the growth of this medium. It appears to be almost incremental.

Add all other means of cyber messaging. The world is talking across all borders and boundaries and nothing can stop it.

Not only messaging but media

Messaging is a mix of everything from the salacious and tawdry to the seraphic and delightful. Messages are commerce, love, hate and ideas. This is the raw clay from which the future will be molded. Media are adapting and being born simultaneously.

The most conspicuous rise has been in the number of people who express themselves in words and images and sound or a mixture of all three. The content on the Internet, all of it, is largely produced by persons we would never have come across in all recorded history. Suddenly they are as close as a click.

A messaging revolution

Into the vortex of this sea of messaging comes not an afterthought but very possibly the cause, the universal values that are necessary for a world tied together by what? By words. Words are not dying now, merely moving forward. Books are not dying. "In the beginning was the word" suggests that very foundation of reality begins with how we see and express it.

It soon dawns on us whenever we write a message the one who chooses to do that is ... you, us.

Toward nonviolence

This is a roundabout way of saying that the word we need to hear today is nonviolence. We cannot have the world where it is OK to kill folk.

First, because it isn't OK. Second because we can prevent killing. Third, because we have the power to modify lethal impulses.

Messaging is the means by which a crucial number of actual human beings will broadcast this understanding to enough persons to create the zeitgeist we need to move peacefully to the world that is opening to us with every revelation that emerges every day.