Cybercommunities cannot be consumed in large bites. They are a comprehensive idea about what the world could be and they involve all aspects of life. Today the bite is about basic costs -- housing and Cars.

Imagine the world where you a need not own a home or a car. Why? Because you live in a car-free community connected to other communities by cheap public transport. You have just eliminated the two monster expenses on which the structure of our economy is built. How can we sever ourselves from these necessities?

There the truth lies plain to see

We are talking a new world where everything is cheaper because everything is more sensible and a whole lot safer. Just looking at cars and houses, there are none. Cars are not needed.

You can live in your own space, customized, in a cybercommunity. The community is affordable because all of the functions we now pay for via car and house ownership and upkeep are gone. In their place we are creating a community that can handle all the plumbing, the recycling, all the energy flow, everything via an omnicompetent matrix.

The cost is borne by a community of 10,000 persons.

Two kinds of growth

Our current economy is built on growth and depends on buying more and more products to maintain our car-oil-housing society Maintaining this is the mission of advertising and corporate entities. Our government has fought wars to keep this economy afloat.

Damned is anyone who dares question it. Let the environmentalists dicker around on the sidelines, but propose something that actually would create sustainability and there may be consequences. I received this threat fifty years ago.

Cybercommunities is a synonym for a sustainable world. It is a post-capitalist world. But it will not stop us from pursuing profit, it will only increase prosperity.

But instead of it going into a new sump pump or roofing or a new car, it will go into making that educational wall of mine more educational and training my child to draw and think.

We do not need private cars when everyone on earth could easily have their own private space made to their desires. We do not need individual houses when we can have exactly what we want in a space that is safe and secure where you can grow old without having to leave and go somewhere else. The manufacturing needed to create the components of cybercommunities would vastly outstrip the present economy.