This could be the act that does in Donald trump. There are many other things that could hobble his apparent march to dictatorship. In response to the president's insistence that Preet Brahara quit along with 45 other Obama-appointed federal prosecutors, the feisty Brahara said the president would have to fire him. The president followed the lawyer's instruction.

But as Saturday draws to a close it is Brahara who is getting the plaudits and even the president's supporters are shaking their heads. Perhaps Trump is secretly trying to save the skins of Democrats Mario Cuomo and Bill de Blasio who have until now been under the investigative gaze of the fired prosecutor.

It is just possible that Trump combines allegiance to the most virulent voices in his party with an instinct to pick the most masochistic course just to see if anything can come back to bite him.

Is Trump a masochist?

The result of the Trump weekend folly beginning with crazed his attack on president Obama is predictable and of some interest to those who love the "I" word. That would be "impeach." If Brahara can threaten Cuomo and de Blasio, he should be able to join others of like mind and come up with something that might force Trump to face prosecution.

Is impeachment possible?

The New York Times reminds us there was a time when Trump invited Brahara to Trump Tower and assured him he wanted him to stay on. It seems likely that in the interim Trump felt the prosecutor would be more trouble in than out.

Trump's recent actions seemed to be aimed at neutering or completely disabling any objective look into what actually went on between himself and Russia.

This effort to escape special prosecutor scrutiny even explains some recent signs of a pullback from embracing the land of Putin.

We can be sure of one thing. If there is a scintilla of evidence that could lead to a legal action that could result in a true challenge to Mr. Trump, the man he just fired will find it and when all hell breaks loose he will be the calmest person in the room