The real breaking news in the world is that cybercommunities are now at your fingertips. They have been since the computer came into being. Only now things are proceeding incrementally to save us from ourselves. In Russia, 3D Printing has produced a small house. This is a giant stride toward the capacity to create the communities the world needs in order to achieve sustainability and therefore survival. We can print out a safe and durable future.

Proof of the big change ahead

A year ago, it seemed that 3D printing would be a sort of parlor trick.

It might create some gadget or model or knick-knack. Now that 3d printing has shown its mettle, it should be able to achieve a revolutionary victory over everything that was once the exclusive and tightly-held province of the building trades. 3D printing is what they call a disruptor.

400 square feet for $10,000

Where I live in Manhattan you could not buy a closet for $10,000. people pack into sardinelike enclosures and smile to be at the heart of things. This is the massive collision of our time. There is a mass migration to the city, to urban life, to the chance of making it big time. There also the massively high-priced world of old real estate where thinking long term is a bad phrase and big profit is the height of goodness.

The advent of a little house that costs one-third the price of the cheapest new car delights the migrants and chills the hearts of the old wealthy. An inexpensive home printed by a computer is comparable to the emergence of the Model T Ford over a century ago.

Why not just replace what we have with these little wonders?

Because it would not make sense. People are leaving sprawl behind. Arcade Fire, the Canadian band, saw it all coming when no one was paying attention. They celebrated the coming day when we could actually find places where "no cars go".

Integral car-free communities are the wave of the future

Cybercommunities are more than just an idea.

They are a set of thoughts that are reasonable and coherent. Foremost among them is that we cannot keep growing as we have. That's hardly original but the message of cybercommunities is that we can grow all we want by turning money into something that makes people happy instead of destroying the planet.

Getting rid of cars and rejecting the theory of endless growth is the reason for considering cybercommunities now. They bring all elements of urban existence together. They are car-free and they can be utterly flexible in their uses and adaptations of space.

More and more you will hear of the potential of 3D printing and more and more that potential will lead to the immensely profitable and world-changing business of creating the components of global cybercommunities.