There are currently two books offered on Amazon that are unusual, both consist of blank pages. One book's intention is to be a slur by insinuating Trump has nothing of substance to offer. The other book's aim is to be as equally nasty declaring the democratic party has nothing of value to advance America forward into the twenty-first-century. Therefore, there is no reason to vote democratic.

It is doubtful that either book will entice the opposing team's players to their side. Rather be a successful declaration of the antipathy that exists in the halls of American politics right now.

We must wonder if citizens of the future will harken back to these two books, as having more to say about the attitudes of democrats and republicans by saying nothing. Than the thousands of books written about politics today, that attempt to say something about the current state of affairs in the American political arena.

Reasons to vote for democrats

The latest book was self-published by a staunch republican and supporter of President Donald Trump, Michael J. Knowles. The books title says it all, literally. The title is, Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide. Is the book simply a Zen lesson? Or a practical guide? People who bought the book offer that there are headings and a bibliography.

Nonetheless, Knowles point is clear. There are no reasons he could think of to vote for a democrat. This manuscript appears to be a clever ruse to make a statement. The question is, does it work?

One may have a better time reading the book's comment section on amazon's website. Here is a hint, the reviews are deeply divided.

Tending to attract one star, spirited comments on the ludicrous nature of the book. On the other hand, five stars, praising the author's insight. As of this writing there are 1,145 comments and counting. Indicating the book is generating buzz. It is important to point out. Knowles manuscript just made its way onto amazon about a month ago.

His book is already an amazon bestseller.

Why Trump deserves trust, respect, and admiration

Flip to the other side of the coin. Some could say democrats started the ruckus by publishing a similar book. David King's book full of blank pages, Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect, and Admiration. It seems, however, that in the poker game of amazon book wars; the republicans may be winning. In any event, the hand the democrats are playing, only has about half the reviews. You guessed it. Their reviews reflect the same bias as Knowles' book reviews reflect.

About 99% of King's reviews are either five star ardent praises or one star bombs. Almost mirroring those left for Knowles', no book, book. The difference is King's book has been available since November 2016.

Perhaps the differences are attributable to republicans', nowadays, talk louder and carry bigger sticks alpha male stance. Who knows?

Another way to look at this game; maybe republicans and democrats are fighting over who has the worse hand? Asking their-selves, who can bluff their way to the winning pot of gold? On the other hand, it could be America's turn to ask hard questions about what could boil down to playing a game of poker with two crazy handfuls of nothing. A sour tale for sure. One that may have citizens of the future scratching their heads in wonder. Even more troubling, the poker game the democrats and the republicans are playing is with American's money, pride, and future. Hard working middle-class Americans, staking the pot. While republicans and democrats ante-up books about nothing, thereby attempting to say something.