In an almost evangelical sounding speech on Thursday, President Trump echoed the message delivered by chief strategist Steve Bannon the day before, asserting that the 'fake News Media' is the enemy of the people. He also called for a change in the law over using #anonymous sources in reporting, a move that the unions and media companies will most definitely try and fight.

His speech at the #Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday morning built on the nationalistic and jingoistic messages that were cornerstone of his election campaign.

Trump charismatically outlined how America needs to be delivered back – from what he views as bad trade deals, crumbling infrastructure and the Democrat's bad decisions – to its people.

Veering from military defense, to the #Dakota pipeline, ISIS and to America's 'beautiful clean coal', the speech was delivered in the same campaign style manner that Trump so enjoys, and that his fans seem to love.

Jingoism and nationalistic pride rules the day

Flattering the conservative crowd, he appealed to their jingoistic side as he waxed lyrical on his surprise win, stating that the pundits, the politicos, the pollsters and the lobbyists need to be tamed in #Washington. "They're not good at politics, but they're really good at sucking up people's money," he said.

He coined his new presidency as a new movement in #conservative American politics, one that was going to bring a tidal wave of change that would benefit the people. Deploying words such as bigger, better and stronger to hone his message, he stated that the future belongs to the American people, and that America is rising again.

'America is coming about, and it's coming back, and it's roaring and you can hear it. It's going to be bigger and better.'

Fake news and the 'phoney media'

Continuing a long strategic move since his campaign, Trump tied his election win to the #Fake News, garnering support from the crowd and pledging to fight the 'phoney, fake' press.

He also complained about the media's coverage of his opinion on them and complained that they dropped the word 'fake.' In the next breath he went onto say that he isn't against the media, or the press, but that he simply condemns fake reporting.

He also took aim at what he calls the #Clinton News Network and told the audience that he was there to fight for them in an almost messianic tone, using words such as freedom, security, 'conservative values' and the 'rule of law'

The down-home message that Team Trump are fighting for the #American worker and for the American flag, was further underscored as he moved onto Bernie Sanders, admitting that a lot of people who would have voted for Bernie voted for him.

Clinton and the Democrats, he claimed, rigged the system to handicap Sanders. Trump was also careful to state that Bernie was right on one point – trade – and then admitted that he liked Bernie.

As his speech continued the messianic tone increased. In one breath he muttered that he wanted to protect the environment, and in another he said that America would put its miners back to work and lift restrictions on #US energy, which means upsetting environmental groups and continuing the country's dependence on unclean energy.