Melania Trump is showing the world that she is a rare breed in contrast to previous First Ladies. Since the election of her husband, as the 45th president of the United States, the world has witnessed many "firsts" regarding the Trump's. Unlike her predecessors, Mrs. Trump is bringing a new brand of First Lady to the table, in spite of all the controversies surrounding her husband.

The many 'firsts' of our First Lady

The world at large is examining the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency. Let us also consider the first 3 months of the president's wife.

Donald Trump spent years claiming falsely that Barak Obama was not born on US soil. Ironically, his third Mrs., is the first ever wife of an American president who was not born in the USA. Our FLOTUS, also is the only one in US history to wed to a thrice married, twice divorced president.

The United States has never before had a president's wife who did not reside in the White House. All previous first ladies were at their spouses sides. Melania Trump however, continues to live in Trump Tower in New York. She has stated she will reside there until her son Baron completes his current school year.

Mrs. Trump is also unique in the fact that prior to her ascension as wife to the most powerful man in the world, she had a successful modeling career, which included nude photos.

This "first" probably would not have been tolerated decades ago. This revelation regarding the Frist Lady however, barely raised eyebrows. Most people seem to accept that this was in Melania 's past. When asked about it, she told news reporters that she was not ashamed of her body.

Concluding the first 100 days

As the first 100 days with the Trump family comes to a close, the two things that I find to be most interesting are the fact that Donald Trump has never held public office, and is the first president who tweets about political issues pertaining to his the presidency.

This means that his wife, is the first and only FLOTUS whose husband was not a career politician prior to residing in the Oval Office. Therefore, Mrs. Trump does not have the experience of former first ladies who gleaned from their spouses prior political positions, and may have been more prepared to live in the White House.