It's been a bad week for #President Trump. His health care bill has had terrible exposure in the press, and two federal judges have caused his travel ban to be held up yet again in court.

He has been heard on a lengthy diatribe saying he has to be nice about the #travel ban or else he will be critiqued for speaking poorly about the judicial system. Which is what they call diplomacy in political circles. Which is what presidents should be naturally talented at.

“I have to be nice, otherwise I’ll get criticized for speaking poorly about our courts,” he said.

Trump then suggested that the court that ruled against him should be #demolished. “People are screaming, ‘Break up the Ninth Circuit!’ ”

This shows once again how he is unable to avoid #controversy and seems inherently unsuited to the job at hand. And with Republicans getting increasingly exasperated with his unpresidential style, and his failing grasp on the legislative change needed to pass the healthcare bill, it is a tricky time to be Trump.