Donald Trump and Twitter have been joined at the hip since his presidency began a few months ago. And it seems that every few days the social media site lights up with controversies and fiascos, driven by #trump himself usually.

International negotiations aired on Twitter

What other presidential figure takes his international diplomacy to social networking sites? Thursday last week, the US president scalded #Angela Merkel and claimed that Germany must pay the US more for providing defense through NATO. He used a series of Tweets to scald Germany for paying up.

Merkel conversation leaves sour taste

This, after spending a tense few hours talking to Angela Merkel about global issues and disagreeing on most topics. He even refused to shake her hand. But on Sunday, #Germany has denied Trump's claim that they owe money to NATO for any perceived defense under spending.

Germany's #defense budget has historically been less than NATO's target of 2 percent of a country's GDP, and Obama never made a national issue of it, but Trump seems determined to do otherwise.