Donald Trump kept busy on Twitter during the weekend snowstorm on Saturday tweeting out his thoughts on Russia as the snow fell outside his Manhattan tower in the clouds. His point was heard loud and clear, but even some of Trump's staunch supporters found he had said a few things that maybe he shouldn't have.

Trump and Putin

Russia, which has become a major theme associated with Trump since he became the president elect, was the topic of his tweets on Saturday. His thoughts on a relationship with Russia were very presidential, until he turned the corner and added some name calling into his tweeted words.

His critics accuse Trump of being too chummy with Putin and his supporters find Trump's attempt at getting along better with other world leaders refreshing. So when addressing his critics, he didn't tread lightly.

Missing filter

One of the traits Trump has demonstrated time and time again is his lack of a filter between what he is thinking and what he is saying. Most people tend to filter their thoughts before they pass through their lips as words, but this seems to be one piece of the process that Trump often skips.

While many find Trump's willingness to say just what he is thinking an asset, there have been times when it has backfired. One of those times was this weekend when he referred to people as "stupid" and "fools" in his barrage of snowy afternoon tweets on Saturday, as seen below.

Getting in good with Russia

Many would agree with Trump that having a good relationship with Russia is important, just like any other country on this planet because we all share one world.

No one wants to worry about the possibility of war down the line and getting along with the other countries that share this planet works against this happening.

Rewording would have worked

The tweet above might have fared better if Trump reworded his thoughts to say it is foolish to think a having a good relationship with Russia is "bad." "Fox and Friends Weekend" on Sunday morning reported on Trump's tweets.

While his message was spot-on as far as trying to get along with Russia, one of the anchors said Trump lost them when he called people "stupid" and "fools."

Name calling

Trump probably has some supporters out there that have a different view about a relationship with Russia than he does. This doesn't make them "stupid" or a "fool," they just have a different opinion than Trump. Being able to express a different opinion is what makes this country "great" as in "great again," which is part of Trump's campaign motto.

'Make America Great Again'

When Hillary verbally put Trump supporters in a basket tagged "deplorables" this stuck with her because she attacked people on a personal level. While Trump is doing a fantastic job as a president, even before he actually is sworn in as president, this weekend name calling wasn't his finest moment.

Calling people "stupid" or "fools" because their view differs from his isn't the way to "make America great again."

Anyone who thinks that a relationship with Russia is a "bad" thing is either a "fool" or "stupid" in Trump's eyes, or so he tweeted. This is hitting people on a personal level, much like Hillary and her "deplorables" remark. He doesn't want to start alienating his supporters who differ with him on his topics. He might need to find a way to hold true to his own views, but at the same time respect the right of people to have views that differ with his without fear of being called names.