There is someone out there rumored to be pushing Hillary Clinton to reboot her campaign and send it spinning in another direction -- toward the mayor of New York City. For Hillary this is like stepping down the career ladder and going after a job that's beneath the level of political expertise she has under her belt, after all she is the former Secretary of State.

Hillary to come out of the woods?

Hillary has apparently spent a lot of time in the woods since losing her bid for president, well at least that is what all her recent pictures seem to depict.

So if she should come out of the woods and shoot for the New York City mayor gig, would she be able to handle another round of rejection if by chance the campaign is as ill-fated as her presidential bid?

Consolation prize

She was one hurting puppy when Trump swooped in and took her dream away, so are her wounds healed enough for her to take on another powerful New Yorker? Was the suggestion made for Hillary to try her hand at getting the Big Apple to put her in the mayor's office done under the mindset of a consolation prize? Is it meant to soften the blow of her last ill-fated campaign?

'No sense of shame?'

So who is giving Hillary a nudge to take on Mayor De Blasio? Apparently it is not any of the National Review readers who commented on the prospects of a Hillary Clinton run for mayor.

These comments don't appear to be people who would cast a vote for her. The comments range from "No-one deserves HRC," from a professor of politics to "Does this woman have no sense of shame, no sense of decency?." This was a question asked in another comment.

Dabble in politics

Hillary running for mayor of New York City is the equivalent of a business woman retiring and taking up a volunteer job in the library or as a school crossing guard just to get out of the house.

But New York City is a grand old city and it's just not the place for Hillary to retire but still dabble in politics at the same time.

While it is not known just who is behind this idea to put Hillary Clinton in another election nine months away, the Washington Times writes that it is "major Democratic donors and leaders," who are prodding Hillary along.

All sources appear to be "unnamed," who would like to see Hillary go up against incumbent Bill de Blasio for mayor. One "insider" said, "if she ran, she'd win." There you have it, a solid endorsement!

Republican's should 'cheer this on!'

The National Review suggests if Hillary did run for mayor, this wouldn't sit right with her own political party. For starters "it will make Democrats uncomfortable." It is for this reason the Review suggests Republicans should welcome the idea and actually "cheer" her on. If she runs, Hillary can do for the New York Democrats what she did for the Democrats on a national level, give them a feeling of uneasiness!