Barron Trump is only 10, but his mode of dress is similar to a businessman who is two to three times his age. Donald Trump's youngest child not only dresses with sophistication, but it was recently learned that Barron is quite sophisticated when it comes to other aspects in his life. This might explain why an offer from the outgoing administration regarding a swing set for Barron has been "rejected."

Obamacare is not only thing to be dismantled

It looks like Donald Trump has more than Obamacare in his scope when it comes to dismantling things that were assembled during the outgoing president's administration.

Along with taking apart the alleged ill-fated health insurance system, there's something on the White House lawn that is slated to come down.

According to Heat Street, the White House had planned to donate the elaborate backyard swing set that Malia and Sasha Obama used during their younger years. The girls are 18 and 15 today, but when they first moved into the White House both were at an age to enjoy a backyard swing set. Malia was Barron's age, 10, and Sasha was just seven.

'Obama/Biden' swing set

Reports indicate that the swing set, that looks more like a playscape in pictures, was offered for not only Barron's use, but for Trump's grandchildren to use as well. Heat Street sarcastically refers to the swing set as the Obama/Biden swing set because they believe Vice President Joe Biden "probably" used it at one time or another.

Barron won't be moving into the White House in January with Donald Trump, as he and his mom, Melania, will stay in their Manhattan Trump Tower penthouse so he can finish out the school year. Barron could have used the swing set when he visited on weekends and school holidays, but Donald Trump is said to have "rejected" the offer.

Computer wiz?

Donald Trump recently mentioned how Barron has some advanced skills with computers, so it could be that he's looking for "a swing set that is more technologically sophisticated," suggests Heat Street. Trump was a proud dad when saying his son "is so good with computers, it's unbelievable." Pictures of Barron that have been posted online over the last few years shows a young man swinging a golf club at home with gilded woodwork and marble outlining his playroom.

He appears very mature for his age, so it could be that he has already outgrown backyard swing sets.

In with the new, out with the old!

It could just be that Barron is not the swing set-type of kid. He wouldn't be alone as there are other kids out there who would rather study than swing! These kids used to be called book-worms as they would rather learn than play. It could be that Barron is someone more interested in computers than playtime. Trump's critics might like to think he's rejected the swing set to make a point that he wants nothing to do with anything left over from Obama. It would be hard to believe that Trump would waste any energy at using a swing set to make a point, especially when there are so many other problems needing his attention once moving into the White House.