The latest round of fake news regarding Donald Trump includes his young son Barron. This time around it is rather disturbing, as a Photoshopped image is used to spin an insipid tale. The President-elect and his young son are seen sitting on a couch at home inside the gilded Trump Tower and both are fixated on a framed picture. Barron and his dad are pointing to the woman in the photo (not wearing any clothes and in a sexy pose). That woman is Melania Trump from her long ago GQ photo shoot.

This picture comes on the heels of another image recently making the rounds on the social media that is uncomfortable for some people to see.

Barron is seen with a camera straddling his mother's lap, as he points the camera at Melania (who is leaning back, looking very relaxed). She has her hands on Barron's legs, as if she is helping balance him on her lap. Some saw this as a disturbing pose for a mother and son, with one comment suggesting this looked "creepy."

This is a real photo of Barron and Melania:

Father and son gaping at naked mom?

Another comment asked why the Trump family pictures make this person want to call CPS. It is assumed she meant Child Protective Services. The picture of Barron straddling his mom's lap is 100% real, and listed as a Getty Photo.

While the first photo to circulate was real, the second photo with Barron and dad looking at a risque picture of mom is not real, it was Photoshopped from another Getty Photo online. You can see that picture in the tweet below.

This picture is a fake, it is Photoshopped:

Picture a typical 9-year-old kid

The first real photo might not be seen as disturbing if Barron Trump looked more like a 9-year-old child (he was 9 when the picture was taken).

Barron is big for his age and his mode of dress is very grown up, with a suit and a tie. Even his hair is styled like a New York stock broker, so while this is a 9-year-old boy sitting on his mom's lap, he looks much older than his age and maybe this is why people find it so disturbing? Put him in a sweat suit and give the kid bangs, then things might appear differently.

But in that picture he looks like a little man and maybe he looks just a bit too old to be straddling his mother's lap, but he's not.

Photoshopped to offer fake news?

What is really disturbing is that someone Photoshopped a picture of Barron and his father to look as if they were sharing an intimate moment of looking at Melania. Why do people continue to target Barron, as he is only a child and he shouldn't be subjected to this type of disparaging publicity?

That fake picture tells a story, a very inappropriate tale. It appears to be suggesting that Donald Trump shares a bit too much with his son Barron. It is just so wrong. This picture originally had the father and son looking at something, but it wasn't a picture of Melania on the GQ Cover.