While the left was busy trying to find a way for Jill Stein to conduct a largely unlikely recount farce, Trump was busy -- well before his January 20, 2017 inauguration day – securing a deal to keep over 1000 Carrier Jobs in America. While the left then was trying to spin the Carrier deal as a fail (when it is they who claim to be worthy of union support), Trump was busy behind the scenes working out a deal that was mentioned in yesterday's speech. Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son agreed to a deal that will find a $56 billion investment to America.

Were we not told by the left that Japan would never work with Trump?

The reason lies deeply in topics that Trump spoke about on the campaign trail, and that is a matter of deregulation. There are far too many hurdles and expenses in doing business with America, and Trump has promised to eliminate these barriers. Trump is not to be sworn in until January 20th, so it is a matter of faith that Masayoshi Son has agreed to do this. This works to dispel the notion that those in business circles do not trust Mr. Trump. It also is going to add 50,000 jobs to the American workforce.

President-elect Trump has done a lot already

This means that to date, Trump has turned down an expensive airplane (with costs being quoted all over the pricing spectrum, suffice it to say, “expensive plane”) that would have been paid for by the taxpayers, he has refused to accept any money as payment for his job as President beyond the $1.00 that is legally mandated that he take, he has saved over 1,000 jobs at Carrier (many more when all facts are known), has managed to secure a deal that sees $56 billion dollars invested in America, and topped it off with 50,000 jobs.

If this is the failing that the left predicts a Trump presidency to be, then may he keep failing in the same way for the whole four years.

This matters, because everyone remembers that Trump was berated by the media for saving “only” 1,000 jobs with Carrier. Even if it were only those 1.000 that were affected, where is the failure to be found within what this man has done?

Is not failure or success measured in results? If so, then what president has done more good while being only the President-elect? In any event, this deal with Japan that affects 50 times as many jobs will surely put to rest such notions.

When the math is done on Japan

When the math is done it breaks down as follows; 50K jobs, with even one other person being partially supported by one worker there is 100k people helped by this.

Now some workers have families, so lets say 120k people when families are factored in. Now add to that the independent contractors, non in-house painting/maintenance, meal delivery workers, restaurants, motels, etc, then we are talking about the lives of between 150 to 174k plus lives affected in a positive way by this one deal with the Japanese.

The media has implied that because Trump defends himself on Twitter, that he is too busy to do the work of the American people. This deal with Japan also shows that Trump is very much engaged with the task of working for the people of America. The media hates Trump being on Twitter because it does not afford them the ability to lie, spin, or conjure up strange meanings behind what he does or says.

He uses Twitter more brilliantly than Roosevelt used the “new” concept of radio for his still famous “Fireside Chats." On Twitter, Trump speaks for Trump, not allowing the media to speak for him.

Hopefully Trump will continue to secure the economy in much the same way that we are seeing now. There is a lot of backbone to what Trump does in terms of the economy and jobs that has a strong Ron Paul and Justin Amash streak in it. Those minds may be heads that are used in future deals, or perhaps not. One thing seems certain, Trump is going to really make the deals that we were promised if the Japanese deal is any indication of what he plans to do to make this nation great again.