Barron Trump was given the task of putting his seal of approval on the choice of a First Dog after his dad was shown a picture of a rescue pup. It happened over the Thanksgiving holiday when a long-time friend of the Trump family came bearing a picture of a Goldendoodle in need of a home.

On a mission

Philanthropist Lois Pope joined the Trumps at their Mar-a-Lago estate and she happened to have a picture of the most adorable dog that is in her care at the moment. Before Pope joined the President-elect and his family for Thanksgiving, she had penned Trump a letter about this 9-month-old Goldendoodle and the wonderful temperament the pooch possesses.

Pet-less First Family? Nope

Known for advocating animal causes, Pope made it her mission to get Donald Trump into the swing of things. When he moves into the White House in January, he will be the first president in 150 years to arrive without a pet. The Trumps have all the luxuries money can buy, but the one luxury of comfort and love you can only get from a pet is something they are lacking. They are a pet-less family!

Changing the course of history

Pope was hoping to change the mundane future of a White House without a dog and it looks as if she was successful in her endeavor! She wanted Trump to take his place in history as one of the presidents who came to Washington with their four-legged friends.

During the Thanksgiving event she showed the picture of the dog to the President-elect and he asked her to show the picture to Barron. What 10-year-old boy wouldn't love a dog, especially one as adorable as this Goldendoodle? The picture got Barron smiling and it brought a few tears to his eyes too, said Pope.

Trump gets Patton into the White House?

The Goldendoodle is going to be the next First Dog, Pope is sure of it! As for the dog's name, let's just say Donald Trump will have Patton in the house when he starts his term! Yes, the President-elect admires General Patton so much, that the dog will take the name of the famous military icon, according to The Sun.

As far as Barron, his dad knew right away once he laid eyes on the dog's picture, he'd be sold. It looks like this rescue pup has made it all the way to the big time. Patton will more than likely be the First Dog at the Trump's home in the White House.