There's a photo making the rounds on social media of Barron Trump with a camera taking a close-up picture of his mother, Melania Trump. Some folks are finding the photo just a little too-close up, while others find it rather disturbing. The photo, which was posted on Twitter, is gathering more negative comments by the minute today.

So, the kid is playing with a camera?

As the website Death and Taxes suggests, "you can't unsee this photo." They also suggest that Barron Trump appears to "loom over his mommy's legs" while taking a "blow up" picture of her.

The photo was taken at the beginning of the year when Barron was only 9-years-old. It was in January, long before the man of the house became the President-Elect of the nation. You can see the tweet below:

One woman took this photo to a different level with her comment. A woman named Shauna sarcastically asks "Why can't the Trumps take family photos that don't make me want to call CPS." It is assumed "CPS" stands for Child Protective Services. That tweet is seen below:

Is this a joke?

Then there were other comments asking if this picture was a joke.

It doesn't seem to be a joke, it appears that Melania and Barron are in their gilded tower participating in family activities. He's only 9 in this photo, but because Barron is such a large boy, he may look older.

The boy is only 9-years-old in this photo!

Is it because this young boy appears older than he actually is that people feel the photo is controversial?

Another comment comes from Michael Marshal Smith who suggests this photo of Barron and his mother is "beyond creepy."

According to Chron, they couldn't find any response from the Trump camp online after this photo started making the rounds on the social media sites and gathering less than stellar reviews. Melania has made it a point for the nation to know that Barron is her life.

She's opted not to move into the White House so Barron can remain in school in Manhattan. She is a mom who truly adores her son. That is what this picture conveys to some, but to others they see a bit of a "creepy" side to it.

An article from The Blemish suggests that this photo shows Barron Trump "being a creep in training." They go as far to say it's "weird" and comment how Melania "languishes with a vaguely sexy smile" as Barron looms over her with a camera.

Is Barron a victim of his grown-up looks?

Again, Barron is a big kid, who just happens to be dressed like his dad in a suit. He also has his hair slicked back in a way a grown man might style his hair. If you take away Barron's excess height, put him in jeans and a hoodie, and give him a Dutch-boy haircut, then he would look like a typical 9-year-old boy.

If that were the case, this picture would probably be seen in a completely different way.

If he looked like a typical kid his age then people would probably call this picture "cute." They would more than likely comment that he's a budding photographer instead of finding the photo disturbing.

Formally dressed for 9-years-old?

Saying that Melania is offering up a semi-sexy smile just might be twisting this a bit. She is smiling, but it also can be seen as endearing as her son snaps a picture of the former fashion model. The youngest child of Donald Trump has a different mode of dress for hanging around the house than most kids his age. One might say it is a bit formal, but look at what their home looks like, this is one formal place to hang your hat!

So he's dressing the part.

Gilded tower

As far as their surroundings, other comments are pointing out the Roman columns and how just about everything that is standing still is gold-lined. The Trumps aren't your normal next door neighbors, but they've never pretended to be!