"Our Journey Together" is a Book by former U.S. President Donald Trump. Former presidents have gone in for memoirs, but the one by Trump is different. It is a book of pictures offering a peek into Trump's presidency. Each photograph has a caption written by him. He signed the book deal a few months back.

The price of the unsigned version is $75, but it goes up to $230 if signed. He received a fabulous advance, and the book's sale grossed $20 million in less than two months. It went on sale in late November. Some people would like to lay their hands on such a book that provides a brief glimpse into the mind of Trump.

CNN says the popularity of the book rests on the unique captions. He wrote them himself, and these fall in the category of "unbridled hot takes on his political enemies." The publishers are Winning Team Publishing. Its founder is Sergio Gor, and his partner is Donald Trump Jr., Trump's oldest son. The initial print run was 200,000 copies – the autographed copies sold in thousands through various outlets like Amazon Barnes & Noble. Even the unsigned copies have takers. In January 2021, Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump.

The book by Trump is not a traditional memoir

There is a demand for the book "Our Journey Together." The publishers plan to print 300,000 more copies in three locations in the United States.

It seems signed copies are fetching attractive prices on websites. Incidentally, the contents do not match with what is known as a traditional memoir. It does not analyze the former president's tenure in the White House. It is, in fact, his unedited interpretation of events or people.

CNN adds there are roughly 300 photographs with captions in his own distinct handwriting.

Some of the photographs were of non-political individuals like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Trump's caption said: "His censorship is terrible for America. His 'campaign contributions' even worse."

Trump has a huge fan base for his merchandise

There is a huge fan base for Trump, and he has used his name on a wide range of products.

These include steaks, bottled water, ties, perfume, alcohol, and mattresses. He has now added books to the list. John Reznikoff is the founder of University Archives. He has been in the business of buying and selling hundreds of presidential collectibles. His auction business has been there for more than four decades. He said the value of autographed books increases exponentially over some time.

CNN adds that most presidential memoirs usually devote some space to describing a meeting with a world leader, but Trump is an exception. Instead, he describes the experience in a few sentences. There are a few supply chain issues for more copies of "Our Journey Together." These pertain to the non-availability of enough paper.