North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has become slimmer. That is what the tightly controlled state media reveals. The country is a secretive state, and the world has to depend on news from the official media. The Health and personal life of the leader is taboo. However, North Korean state TV reveals that the condition of its leader Kim Jong-un is “breaking our people's hearts.” In recent media appearances, he looked to have lost weight. His personal life has always been secret.

Daily Mail UK reports that analysts feel such remarks have strategic importance.

It could be a ploy to reinforce loyalty to the regime in desperate times. The North is nuclear-armed, and it has created a self-imposed Coronavirus barricade. It is under UN sanctions because of its activities related to nuclear programs. That has harmed its economy. Kim Jong-un closed the border with China to prevent virus-affected people and claims from coronavirus-free, but it has to tackle its food crisis. The leader does have health issues because of his obesity. He is also a heavy smoker. His country is understandably worried about his health. In a worst-case scenario, there could be problems in selecting his successor and ensuring stability both at home and on the international platform.

Global speculation rife about the health of Kim Jong-un

Last year Kim Jong-un missed an important event. It was the commemoration of the birthday of his late grandfather. In fact, the leader was out of circulation for nearly 20 days. Subsequently, South Korea confirmed Kim Jong-un was safe. Obesity runs in the family. Both his father and grandfather were obese and heavy smokers.

They died of heart attacks. Daily Mail UK provides a brief glimpse into his weight as revealed by the spy agency of the South. He tipped the scales at 285 lbs. in 2016 and last year, and it was 305 lbs. There appears to be no reason for him to lose his weight because he had attended some public events this month. Moreover, there is no clarity on the succession plans of the hermit kingdom.

Hence, a sudden decline in the health of Kim Jong-un could have far-reaching implications.

Kim Jong-un has been in power for a decade

According to The BBC, Kim Jong-un came to power in December 2011 after his father's death. He is the third generation of the family to run the communist state. The country has a hereditary system of leadership. However, there is no clear successor to Kim Jong-un. As a result, there would be a power vacuum in North Korea in the event of his death or long-term absence. Moreover, it is a nuclear state, and such a situation could bring instability in the region. Former US President Donald Trump held a few meetings on a one-to-one basis with Kim Jong-un to evolve a Korean Peninsula solution.

However, they could not arrive at an acceptable formula. In May last year, a media report mentioned that the North has taken up an image rebuilding exercise for Kim Jong-un.

TV footage shows his sudden weight loss

This is a rare instance of North Korea airing TV footage of one of its citizens. The person is shown expressing concern for the sudden loss of weight of the leader Kim Jong-un. Usually, issues associated with the health of the leader are not disclosed. In this case, the footage shows a thinner leader. The BBC adds that there have been rumors in the past about his health after he took over the reins. The country's secretive government has rarely acknowledged these cases. In 2014, he had been out of sight for 40 days.

When he returned, he was carrying a walking stick with him. He had probably undergone an ankle operation. He is in his late 30s and a heavy smoker and drinker. Observers believe he could be a victim of diabetes and gout.