The Mexico border wall was a priority item in the agenda of Joe Biden during his election campaign. The border between America and Mexico is a long one, and there are natural barriers like mountains and water bodies. Biden had indicated that he would stop work on the wall, started by his predecessor, once he assumed charge of the White House.

Accordingly, ABC News reports President Biden signed an order on Inauguration Day to end the national emergency at the border. He also mentioned a 60-day review of the project, held all construction activities, and asked his administration to draw up redirection of unspent funds.

However, the situation is a complicated one, and the future of the wall is difficult to predict.

The Mexico border wall was a signature project of former president Donald Trump. He intended to check the flow of illegal migrants who would Travel from far-off places and cross over into America. Once there was a change of guard and Biden took over, the flow of illegal migration reared its head. The Biden administration is trying to evolve a solution to this issue. It might have to redefine its immigration policies.

The situation following stoppage of work on the border wall

The Mexico Border wall was a dream project of Donald Trump. He wanted to have a wall that would be strong enough to deter the illegal entry of smugglers and others who wanted to harm the country.

Construction on sections of the border wall from Arizona to Texas continued until the new president Joe Biden took office. On Jan. 20, the stoppage of work led to an abrupt abandonment of building material and equipment at various sites.

The new administration conducted a review and stopped all ongoing work. Obviously, there are hurdles because of divergent views on the subject.

In March, the Biden administration sent a clear message to migrants that the border is closed. ABC News quotes White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saying: "There are some components of the wall that had already been allocated, the funding, to continue building by Congress." She added that except for some limited construction, there is a pause.

Migrants and the border wall are inseparable

In his first budget proposal, Joe Biden suggested to Congress that there was no need for additional border wall funding. He also wanted lawmakers to cancel any unspent funds at the end of 2021. The Biden administration dismissed Trump’s take on migrants at the border.

However, the number of migrants trying to enter the country from the southwest border kept rising. Many of them wanted to escape from poverty or violence. Others felt they would get a chance to lead a better life once they crossed over into the United States.

ABC News says a section of the Democratic Party wanted an end to the wall while another section suggested completion of some of the unfinished work.

The dilemma of the Biden administration was how to balance the differing views alongside the need to focus on matters related to the COVID-19 response and infrastructure plan push on Capitol Hill.

No timetable for completion of the review of the border wall

According to Politico, the administration of Joe Biden has been in office for nearly three months. The officials say they are reviewing the federal resources used to build the wall, and they do not have any timetable for its completion. President Biden had promised a reversal of the immigration policies of former president Donald Trump.

However, the progress is slow. Biden had pledged to offer a kinder, gentler immigration system where everyone is welcome. When questioned on the subject of the border wall, White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained that the construction work on the wall is held in abeyance.