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For hundreds of thousands of years, space (or the outer space) remained out of reach for humans. Like any unattainable thing or object, this vast, empty space above the Earth’s surface was always dreamed about by humans. When seen from Earth, this near-vacuum region between stars and planets appears so peaceful that different cultures and civilizations that evolved across the world interpreted it in their own ways. People also started relating space to the concept of heaven—a place where divine powers were believed to live in eternal bliss.

A space odyssey

Humans’ physical exploration of space started in mid-20th century with large balloons that were able to go high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Balloon flights were followed by unmanned rocket launches. In 1961, the Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to successfully complete a trip to the Earth orbit. In the past six decades, various space agencies, including NASA and Roscosmos, have sent their unmanned spacecraft to all the known planets in Earth’s solar system.

Some questions that often intrigue common people are: What are the boundaries of space? Where does it begin and end? How is space different from the Universe? Universe encompasses everything (from an atom to a star) that is known to exist. Space is what lies between us and the planets/stars as well as the region lying between all the celestial objects.

What are the characteristics of space? Humans’ exploration of space has revealed space to be a strange place without noise, air, or smell. Astronauts who visited space couldn’t spot any divine power living in space; instead, they found it filled with complete silence. It is a place where high-energy cosmic phenomena happen regularly—emanating different forms of radiations.

Current space research

For scientists, space is a one-of-its-kind laboratory that allows carrying out new experiments, which are impossible to conduct on Earth. The focus of current space research has shifted on carrying out manned mission beyond Earth’s orbit, such as the Moon and Mars. Every month, exciting space missions are being announced to improve human understanding of this region.

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