Hawaii Five-O” is always focused on finding evil perpetrators and maintaining its trademark high-energy chases, whether through concrete jungles of the big city or the real ones made by rich, green foliage. Fans are only four episodes into Season 10 with tomorrow's October 18 episode, “Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona i ka mau'u" (Tiny is the Flower, yet It Scents the Grasses Around It), and already, one team member has taken an indefinite literary sabbatical from scorching criminals and dodging bullets (after taking one). Last week, Quinn Liu (Katrina Law) became the fastest recruit ever to gain her “Hawaii Five-O” badge from Lt.

Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin).

As much as the police drama celebrates the “ohana” bond deeper than blood between the team, “Five-O” never really says goodbye to a savvy villain, not even after they are dead and gone, in some cases. In this Friday night’s Episode 4 for Season 10, Joey Lawrence returns as a deliciously disturbing tech wizard, Aaron Wright. The character snidely promised during his last capture by “Hawaii Five-O” that the team would need him again. Only the script and the fans glued to their screens will determine whether the demented mastermind is worth the trouble of trying to cooperate.

Hello again

Sadly, this week there is no surplus of preview clips like previous weeks, but social media has been stirring with a mix of emotions since a post from the show yesterday, October 16.

The caption warns: “Secure your tech,” and announces that Aaron Wright “is back to grace your screens” in this week's episode. The accompanying picture depicts the subject in the usual orange jumpsuit, with his hands (and surely feet) shackled.

Chains and incarceration have never done much to hold Aaron Wright. For a time, he and his equally gifted and evil brother, Ian, portrayed by Nick Jonas, played cat and mouse with “Hawaii Five-O.” Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath) has no fond feelings for the computer guru.

One of her earliest missions as an official “Hawaii Five-O” member was to guard Wright for safekeeping. In that situation, Aaron Wright conned the new recruit into letting him sit at his laptop, still chained, to do his work of undoing his assistance to arsonist Jason Duclair (Randy Couture). Thanks to Wright, Duclair walked free from computerized gates and set a blaze that nearly consumed Oahu and “Hawaii Five-O.” Steve truly played a superhero, hoisting a cabin holding his team members with a helicopter escape.

Jerry (Jorge Garcia) intervened to snag Aaron Wright most recently, draining his fuel tanks while the perpetrator was in midair daring to make his getaway. It takes one decent computer guy to know how to nab a bad one.

Girls get into it

A kidnapping of a young girl prompts “Hawaii Five-O” to seek help from the diabolical genius. When the team arrives on the scene, the kidnappers are dead, and the girl is alive, but not who she is purported to be. For faithful fans who delight in seeing all of the elite force together to solve crimes, this one will please, with Scott Caan back on board.

The actor negotiates to have more time off in his contract to allow him time with family and other creative projects.

Quinn has a lively first day as part of “Hawaii Five-O,” and she and Tani seem to bring out the best in each other as well, deciphering the evidence left in the case. Both ladies are certainly unafraid of taking risks, and for once in her life, Tani takes the role as the more feminine of this estrogen-supercharged duo. This Friday and the rest of the season are bound to be interesting.

Aaron Wright wasn’t given the sandwich he craved in his last appearance, and only time will tell if he earns the right to eat his heart's desire of stuffing between bread this time.