7 unusual materials and gadgets which seem amazing, including Lifestraw

7 unusual materials and gadgets which seem amazing. (Blasting News Database)
7 unusual materials and gadgets which seem amazing. (Blasting News Database)

Magnetic thinking putty and flexible glue are some unusual and strange materials found in the world these days.

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Science consistently discovers new and amazing materials with which to work. Let's have a look at some unique and magical inventions that should amaze and delight.


Magnetic thinking putty

Magnetic putty is just like ordinary putty, except that when it brought into the magnetic field, this putty becomes something extraordinary, and exhibiting some new properties. These properties are due to the millions of small magnetic particles infused in the putty. However you can span, fold and make a ball from this putty just like any other regular putty, under the magnetic field, this putty does excellent things. For example, if a magnet is placed near it, this putty will slowly absorb it.


Hydrophobic material

Hydrophobic Material resists water and other liquids that includes oil and mud using nanotechnology. This material is called Ultra ever dry that means any surface that coated with this hydrophobic material develops this fantastic property of remaining dry, repelling almost all kinds of liquid that comes into contact with it. Unlike the ordinary surfaces that get wet quickly, this hydrophobic material creates a barrier of air on surfaces. This barrier resists water and oil.

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