Christmas is a happy occasion for people to get together and celebrate. However, the incident at the Waukesha Holiday Parade in Wisconsin turned to be one of sorrow. At least five persons died and 40 others suffered injuries when a red SUV suddenly broke through barriers and ploughed into the people. It was at a high speed and drove down the road scattering the participants in all directions. Many of them were children. Initially the crowd presumed it to be a part of the celebration but such was not the case. The authorities confirmed the deaths.

There could be a revision in the numbers of the dead and the injured. The police have not disclosed details, expect that they have recovered a vehicle that could have links to the suspect. They have also taken into custody a person of interest. The police chief described it as a "very fluid investigation.” He added that there was no other threat involved and the scene was safe. However, the Waukesha Police issued a "shelter in place" warning. The advice to those residing in the affected area was: wait for an all-clear alert.

Tragedy at a Christmas parade

Police Chief Thompson admitted that he was not sure whether this tragedy has any relation to terror activities. He did confirm that a police officer fired at the vehicle, but nobody suffered any injuries.

The driver of the vehicle did not use any firearm. As a precautionary measure, schools have not only cancelled classes for tomorrow, but also agreed to extend counseling for "students and staff in need of support services." It was a tragedy at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin and it robbed the festivities of its charm. Many of the people are traumatized.

It happens to survivors of such tragedies when they witness injured people and scenes of blood around them. A pediatric hospital in Milwaukee said it was treating some patients injured in the parade. There is no report of any fatalities at the hospital at that time. In another hospital, there are some patients in critical condition, some in serious condition.

An administration official revealed the White House is monitoring the situation.

The SUV ran over people at a Christmas parade

A car ploughed through a Christmas parade, killed at least five and left another 40 injured. The incident happened in Waukesha located about 20 miles west of Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin. In the words of Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly - the city had “faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration.” He expressed his sympathies and said: “I’m deeply saddened to know that so many in our community went to the parade but ended up dealing with injury and heartache.”

Dark Christmas for Waukesha in Wisconsin

The police chief Thompson mentioning about the incident in which a red SUV drove into the Christmas parade.

It left many people injured. In his words: “Some of the individuals were children and there are some fatalities as a result of this incident.” Videos posted online showed the vehicle running over more than a dozen people. The top law enforcement officer of the state is Attorney General Josh Kaul. He described it as “sickening.” He added: “I have every confidence that those responsible will be brought to justice.” Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and his wife Kathy prayed for Waukesha and all those affected by this senseless act.