The Democratic field is already overcrowded and Michael Bloomberg is the latest entrant. It was a reversal of decision for the 77-year-old billionaire and former mayor of New York City. In March, he had indicated his unwillingness to run for the White House. However, he has revised his stand. In his opinion, the present contenders would not be able to unseat Donald Trump. Bloomberg describes him as an "existential threat" to the country and is confident of wresting the White house back from the Republicans.

Sky News elaborates on the entry of Michael Bloomberg in a field that has multiple Democrats seeking a nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

He is one of America's richest men with a fortune of nearly $53.4bn. He has already spent $31m on TV advertisements for his campaign. From his words, it is evident that he is determined to upset calculations. He wants to rely on his wide experience in business, government, and philanthropy. The former mayor of NYC believes he has the skill necessary to repair what is broken.

Michael Bloomberg’s agenda

He is a late entrant in the field and, while others have participated in debates, he has yet to make a start.

His agenda appears to be common to that of other Democrats. It includes economic disparities, costly healthcare system, gun violence, immigration, and climate change. Observers feel Michael Bloomberg, a media tycoon, will face tough competition in a contest that has women. Their approach is different and they could strike the right chord with voters.

Obviously, Bloomberg will have to think out of the box. He will have to chalk up a suitable strategy to bag the nomination to confront Donald Trump.

Sky News points out that other contenders have been campaigning for months.

They have participated in debates and shared their thoughts with the voters. Bloomberg has plans to skip Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. His focus would be on those states that hold primaries and caucuses starting on 3 March. This is something that no one has ever done and he would be setting a precedent.

Bloomberg wants to defeat Trump

According to CNN, Michael Bloomberg perceives himself as the candidate who can deliver the knockout punch to Donald Trump. Bloomberg says the current field of Democrats lack striking power and adds there is no candidate who has the ability to beat Trump next November. One of the Democrats in the contest is former Vice President Joe Biden, who is struggling with fundraising.

The former mayor of New York City describes himself as "a doer and a problem solver -- not a talker." He wants to rebuild America. His entry has brought in a certain level of uncertainty. This is because of his earlier association with the Republicans. He became mayor of NYC in 2001 as a Republican and was reelected twice. During his second term, he became an independent and in 2018, joined the Democratic Party.