Mexico offers plastic surgery at rates that are cheaper when compared to rates in the US. That incentive attracts those who want to get the procedures done cheaply. Laura Avila, a real estate agent from Dallas, did just that. She wanted some nose surgery and went to Juarez, Mexico with her fiancé Enrique Cruz. However, there were complications from the procedure and Laura is now on life support in a hospital in Texas.

USA Today reports Laura chose to go to Mexico because of the low price. Her sister said the price for plastic surgery in Mexico was less than a third of that in the US and it was a major incentive.

However, things did not work out as planned and Laura is now struggling to survive. It pertained to the administering of anesthesia. In such cases, it is always better to enquire about the setup in the clinic before choosing it.

It is a case of pennywise pound-foolish

Caution is advised for anything offered at rock bottom prices because there could be an invisible tag attached. This case appears to be one of inexperienced staff at work. Laura Avila and her fiancé Enrique Cruz arrived at a plastic surgery center in Mexico around noon on October 30.

Cruz explains that after their arrival, an employee administered anesthesia to Laura. According to her sister Angie, the staff at the clinic injected the anesthesia into Laura’s spine, and “instead of flowing down her body, it went into her brain which caused severe swelling."

As a result, Laura’s condition deteriorated and the clinic kept changing its version of what exactly happened.

Finally, they called a doctor from Juarez who advised an immediate move to a hospital. She was there for nearly a week and then shifted to another hospital in El Paso, Texas. The doctors there have put her on life support and said she suffered severe brain damage and may never become normal.

Those who administered anesthesia goofed up

Laura Avila, a Dallas real estate agent, opted for a cheap nose job in Mexico, traveled there to get it done but ended up in a coma, and is now on life support. Dallas News says that according to her friend Liz Hernandez, they put anesthesia in her spine, instead of giving it intravenously. That led to complications. The drug led to brain swelling and the medical staff also said that she suffered cardiac arrest. Hernandez insists her friend is not in the category of brain-dead while Laura’s sister Angie Avila says Laura may never return to normalcy. Her family has created a GoFundMe account and raised nearly $70,000 - its target is $150,000.