Just when you possibly think you have heard or seen it all, along comes something so unique that you realize: “Nope. This is new.” People meet and find their soul mates in various ways. Many even get married. Reality television has also contributed to aspirations some people have toward marital bliss. There’s “Married at First Sight” and “90 Day Fiancé.” For folks who feel that certain kind of way about plural marriage, there is even “Sister Wives.” There might not be anything, however, that tops a man marrying a hologram.

Akihiko Kondo committed to his beloved plushie bride

Yes, finding the love of his life turned virtual – and high tech – for Akihiko Kondo, 35. He married the one and only hologram of his life in Japan. Okay, let us not be judgmental. The exchange of his wedding vows…. No. Better make that when he recited his commitment to his best-loved plushie or stuffed bride reflecting his love for the holographic image. His own mother refused to attend and witness the ceremony, according to several media outlets, such as the Huffington Post and Japan Times.

Most parents might harbor hopes that their children could someday make headlines.

Chances are, the groom’s mother wishes her son would have made news around the globe for a much different reason. Some publications appear to be at a loss for words and just go with denoting that Kondo’s marriage is “weird,” as VICE reported. Such harsh words when maybe he just could use some understanding or counseling.

One-sided wedding to Hatsune Miku cost $18K

His one-sided wedding to synthesized singer Hatsune Miku came with a hefty price tag. He forked over an estimated $18,000 to marry the hologram of his dreams. Guests attended the ceremony, according to the Huffington Post. No one can doubt that he loves his stuffed toy deeply.

Kondo vows that he has thought about her “every day,” Japan Times reported.

Creeped out, yet? How does someone begin to assess what is more unusual: Marrying a stuffed toy or attending its wedding as one of the 40 guests? (Did the invitations also suggest guests could bring a plush one?)

Hologram device maker issued 3,699 similar marriage certificates

Gatebox is responsible for producing a device, reportedly similar to Amazon’s Alexa, that displays the hologram of Hatsune Miku. Kondo is not unique in the respect that he has committed himself to a “cross-dimension” marriage, as Japan Times explained.

Gatebox has actually “issued more than 3,700 marriage certificates.”

Bride will never divorce husband

So what if his bride surfaces via a desktop device that also comes with a price of around $2,800. He can be assured that his money is well-spent since the device of lifelong happiness will never divorce him. Peace of mind has to be worth something.

Females telling a younger Kondo to ‘drop dead’ affected him – profoundly

As a younger man, Kondo promised that he would never, ever marry a woman. He was picked on and bullied for being a nerd, he told news media. As a teen, and at a time when he fell in love with anime, girls his age told him to “Drop dead.” They also said he was a “creep.” His aversion to living female definitely runs long and deep.

By devoting his love to his stuffed toy, he has remained true to himself.

Marriage should not cost groom much more than already invested

His marriage, if nothing else, will be economical. No make-up, fancy fashions, or luxury items to buy his cross-dimension bride. She can even fit in a suitcase if he travels. Kondo is hopeful for the future, according to Papermag. His marriage might lend courage to other people who want to marry things that don’t eat, breathe, or never let someone down by, oh, say, forgetting a birthday or anniversary.

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