As a UT student this May Day, I am forced to recall the terrifying events that lead to a death on my campus last year.

It was a day like any other at the end of a semester. Students in a stressed state, power walking around campus, undertaking last-minute studying for finals. I, myself, was preparing to take my third physics exam - the one before the final. As I was returning from my class, I began to notice concern and unease. Nothing huge, yet, murmurs, whispers, and more hurried walking than usual.

I made it back to my dorm in time to see a banner about a bomb, and to hear of an attack on my fellow students resulting in a death.

The students on my floor grouped together to find out more about what was going on. There was very little news filtering through.

Many students were panicking and trying to find a place to stay the night that was not on campus. Parents were panicking and calling their children to make sure everyone was alright. Rumors began spreading like wildfire. It seemed as though there were threats all over every part of campus. Nobody felt safe, and everyone felt too scared to leave.

The reaction

The school canceled the physics finals. They canceled all classes and other activities as well. The suspect was in custody, but that brought no comfort. Too many alarming stories and rumors were already circulating.

By the next day, most classes were back in session and activities resumed. The school offered counseling was to those who needed. By this point, we also knew most of the rest of the details. Kendrex White, a classmate of mine, had come out of class and attacked four students. Harrison Brown, who was coming from Gregory Gym, on the phone with his mom, was the only fatality.

We remember and honor him now, and through the year.

This tragedy came after a bill allowing open carry of knives with blades longer than five and a half inches. It led to an amendment of the same bill, restricting those permitted areas. It has also lead to increased security and security measures taken on UT's campus.

To this day

Kendrex White pled not guilty, blaming mental health problems for this random attack. Unfortunately, it is not an excuse. Harming another person is not okay.

On this May Day, we honor Harrison Brown and the other victims of the UT Stabbing. We also remember the tragedy from the year before. Haruka Weiser, who was the first student killed on campus since the UT tower shooting in 1966. We honor those victims, and all others lost or injured in senseless acts of violence.