Across the country, left-wing Antifa demonstrators took to the streets on 'May Day' to protest President Trump, launching Molotov cocktails at police in Portland and leaving behind a pile of smoldering infernos that destroyed 11 homes and businesses in Philadelphia.

Inexplicably, mainstream media has largely ignored the crisis, as anti-Trump Antifa protest groups continue to ratchet up their violent activities.

Portland police dodge Molotov cocktails

During the May 1 protests in Portland, things got so out of hand that the city police department declared a riot and instructed citizens not to leave their homes.

According to police, Antifa protesters assaulted them with Molotov cocktails and fireworks. One police car was was destroyed, windows throughout the city were shattered and 25 Antifa members were eventually arrested.

Portland police kept the public informed throughout the night via Twitter, revealing that some anarchists hurled rocks, unopened cans of Pepsi and "incendiary devices" at officers.

Antifa groups launch attack on Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, protesters chanted "Kill Trump! Kill Pence!" as they marched through the city.

According to the Need To Know (KTW) Network, Antifa group Refuse also handed out flyers to passersby warning that President Trump was more dangerous than Adolf Hitler.

Independent journalist Jack Murphy reported that between 30 and 50 Antifa members, dressed in black masks, descended upon the Kensington neighborhood at around 8 p.m.

and proceeded to smash car and storefront windows.

"No longer satisfied with merely protesting free speech, Antifa has started assaulting innocent neighborhoods," stated Murphy. "They are now terrorizing locals in the name of their political agenda."

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia's Point Breeze neighborhood, Antifa groups tacked flyers to utility poles vowing to "smash back" prior to the May Day events.

On the morning of May 1, eleven buildings were torched in Point Breeze. Authorities ruled the fires arson and the ATF has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. Although some right-wing news outlets have blamed the arson directly on Antifa, at present no arrests have been made.

In spite of the nationwide destruction and violence, mainstream media outlets have given Antifa anarchists a wide berth, in stark contrast to the seemingly round-the-clock coverage given to the Ferguson riots after the shooting of Michael Brown or during the right-wing Tea Party protests that swept the country in 2009.