The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-In in the demilitarized zone was a master stroke. Its credit should rightly go to the US President who had tightened the screws on North Korea through sanctions which affected the country’s economy. Kim had no other alternative but to agree to abandon his nuclear ambitions and draw up plans for denuclearization.

Sky News reports that Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, is believed to have suggested that Donald Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize because his intervention compelled Kim Jong-un to participate in the summit.

This meeting, the first inter-Korean summit in over a decade, is expected to lead to peace in the Korean peninsula with hopes for a reunified Korea.

Trump is on cloud nine

The mini summit between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in has had a magical effect on Donald Trump and he has indicated that he could select the truce village of Panmunjom as the venue. He feels that this will make the interaction with Kim more meaningful and, in case a deal is reached on denuclearization, it could be celebrated in a grand manner. In his opinion, holding the meeting at the border of North and South Korea will have a greater significance instead of opting for a third country.

Moon Jae-in has always been in favor of normalizing relations with his neighbor and he is thankful to Trump who forced Kim’s hands.

The meeting has helped to drive away the clouds of a nuclear war and has laid the foundation for peace. Hence, Moon Jae-in feels that the US President deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Moon Jae-in plans for the future

Recent developments in regard to the possible reunification of the two Koreas has set in motion activities that could prove beneficial to both the North and the South.

Moon Jae-in has directed his people to conduct studies in order to identify economic projects that could be undertaken without violating the scope of international sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea by the global community. These had been imposed to deter Kim Jong-un from pursuing his programs related to nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The date and venue for the main summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has not yet been finalized but Trump has indicated that he has several dates and locations in mind. He has conveyed to Moon his satisfaction with the meeting and their goal of complete denuclearization. The fact is that fears of a major confrontation have receded and the leaders should concentrate on matters that will uplift the common man instead of using their resources to build weapons of destruction.