Let's face it, dating Malia Obama has to be different than dating an average college student. After all, she is the daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama.

For starters, there's all the attention she draws from reporters who are around every corner waiting to snap a picture of anything she happens to be doing at the time. Then, of course, there's the fact that her parents are the former president and first lady of America.

Dating Malia means dodging the cameras and the getting used to having a lot of eyes on you no matter where you go. Then there are the Secret Service agents assigned to the former president's daughter, making privacy a bit of a challenge for Malia and her boyfriend.

Just what does this letter mean?

While studying at Harvard, Malia met Rory Farquharson, and the two have become an item. For the Obama's to send him a letter, it must mean Barack and Michelle see Rory in a long-term relationship with their daughter.

There was nothing mentioned about Mom And Dad becoming pen pals with Malia's former dates. This seems to suggest that they see something in this young man they haven't with any of their daughter's former boyfriends.

So what did the Obama's say to Rory in this letter?

Did they ask him about his intentions when it comes to their daughter? No, it doesn't appear it was that type of inquiry, the letter seemed more like a self-help lesson for the boy who captured their daughter's heart.

Apology letter for the baggage of fame?

According to BET, the letter from Barack and Michelle apologizes for being so famous.

They also explain what this fame means when it comes to privacy. Privacy is a bit hard to achieve once being thrust into the spotlight.

According to BET, Michelle, and Barack Obama also convey their concern in the letter about the amount of attention this puts on Rory as Malia's boyfriend. The media site also reports that this attention doesn't seem to bother Rory.

Rory holds his own

While his face is not a famous one, Rory grew up in a wealthy family, and he enjoyed being the top Rugby player when in high school, so he is used to some degree of attention. This is a bit different though than having all eyes on you as you walk along the sidewalk with your girlfriend.

Secret Service a bit hard to get used to?

Malia and Rory met last year at Harvard, and they've been an item ever since reports BET. One thing that might be a bit tough to get used to is the Secret Service agents that are still assigned to the former president's family. This means Malia always has a watchful eye on her.

So what's up with a letter?

While the Obama's letter wasn't made public, what it contained sounded like a letter that sympathized with what they imagine Rory is going through while dating their daughter Malia.

It is not known if some type of event sparked their sudden letter writing or if they happened to notice something that made them feel a letter was warranted.

Regardless of why the Obama's wrote the letter to Rory, he got one, according to the latest reports. The letter was said to convey how they understand that dating their daughter could be challenging with the baggage of fame that goes along with the Obama family.

Does this sound odd to you? Does this sound like something you'd expect Michelle and Barack Obama to do? This may be an investigation right up Gossip Cop's alley.