In his latest attempt to compare his presidency to Barack Obama, Donald Trump took a shot at the former commander in chief on social media when discussing his current poll numbers. Following his post, Trump was given a reality check over his remarks.

Trump on Obama

Even before Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president, he had stuck his head into American politics with criticism of Barack Obama.

The former host of "The Apprentice" quickly became the highest profiled name to push the "birther" conspiracy, claiming that Obama faked his birth certificate to become president and that he was allegedly born in Kenya. While the conspiracy has long been debunked, Trump rode that momentum of popularity on the far right to the Republican nomination and eventually the presidency. Since then, Trump has repeatedly mocked his predecessor.

In a tweet on April 15, Donald Trump cherry-picked the one poll that showed his numbers in a positive light, this time selecting the right-leaning Rasmussen survey that had his approval at 50 percent.

"Just hit 50% in the Rasmussen Poll, much higher than President Obama at same point," Trump tweeted. "With all of the phony stories and Fake News, it's hard to believe!" he added, before stating, "Thank you America, we are doing Great Things." Trump's been a fan of Rasmussen since being elected just over a year ago as the conservative-friendly poll has often been tilted in his favor.

Twitter revolts

Following Donald Trump's smear job of Obama while promoting a questionably bias poll, the president was met with opposition from critics. "Mr. Trump - you are the fakest of news I’ve seen for a good while now," one tweet read.

"Trump would site the least accurate poll bc an accurate one would prove otherwise," a Twitter user pointed out in reference to Rasmussen's history.

"Still talking about Obama too! Let it go man!!!! 'we are doing Great Things.' Like what?! A couple bucks in our paychecks? If you are so worried about Syrian kids why are you keeping them out!?" another tweet stated.

"39% dude!

God you are so fu**ing pathetic. Stop watching TV and go golf. You are so useless," a social media user wrote. "It's 43% & you will never be as popular as him. Guess how many scandals Obama had? 0 You can't compete with someone who led the country with class, dignity & integrity because you have 0 of those qualities. Your jealousy of Obama is creepy," a follow-up tweet read.